Boy Eats Girl is the death metal brainchild of Melbourne’s own Rick ‘Cleveland’ Pinto and most definitely is Pinto making his mark from the get go; having recently heard about Boy Eats Girl’s first studio EP The Answer To Infection, OVERDRIVE decided to sit down and check out what all the fuss was about. Boy was this reviewer glad he did!

The opening track ‘Viral Oblivion’ starts off with numerous radio reports snippets, as well as a mixture of static and white noise as it changes between broadcasts; it then breaks down into a nice string section, which gets joined by drums to really create an atmospheric build up towards the opening note of ‘Malleus Maleficarum’. The second track comes at you hard and fast from the opening second and doesn’t slow down until the last note rings out three minutes and twenty six seconds later; between the venomous vocals, the insane double kicking drums and the frantic guitar, this track is a snippet of what to expect from the remaining songs, Third track ‘She Shattered Like Glass’ starts out with another audio soundbite, before strapping you into the chair for yet another rollercoaster at face melting intensity! The mixture of vocal styles really work well; the surprise snippet of ‘One of these days Alice, one of these days’ is the perfect pause in tempo needed to set the mosh into pure chaos!


‘The Ebony Curse’ starts out with an audio bite informing the listener that ‘what they are about to hear is true and that all names have been changed to protect the innocent’; this leads the way for this reviewer’s favourite track to begin the follow up chaos that ‘She Shattered Like Glass’ subjected me to. Coming in at the longest song by over close to a minute, ‘The Ebony Curse’ fades out into silence; this song ends perfectly as it leaves no trace that it was ever here…

Title track ‘The Answer To Infection’ most definitely does not disappoint! It is most definitely going to be a fan favourite, as the energy contained within this track is going to turn anywhere it is listened to into a spontaneous mosh. “Don’t you get it? He’s going to kill us; he’s going to kill all of us…” creates a nice creepy break in the tempo just after halfway, before the tempo is lifted to even higher than it was before. The last 25 seconds are spoken words describing the small elation that someone would get when they receive a much needed fix, before going into detail about the greater depths someone reaches after the initial buzz wears off. Final track on the EP ‘Alucard Infinite’ ends The Answer To Infection with a bang; it certainly shows the talent and passion that Pinto has contained within him. This reviewer is going to leave this one up to you to go check out; after all, you can’t always find the answer on the internet!

This reviewer’s main complaint with this EP is that it was only six songs; granted that’s better than a kick in the teeth so I shouldn’t complain at all.