NoFX are still well-known and well-respected within the punk scene; after talking to ‘Fat’ Mike about the Punk In Drublic Festival (read it here), OVERDRIVE were expecting to see NoFX on Australian shores within twelve months. To see them on the inaugural Download Melbourne Festival line-up is a nice surprise for this music lover!



“Fat” Mike Burkett – Lead Vocals/Bass

Eric Melvin – Rhythm Guitar/Backing Vocals/Accordion

Aaron “El Hefe” Abeyta – Lead Guitar/Trumpet/Backing Vocals

Erik “Smelly” Sandin – Drums


NoFX have done it all and seen it all over their thirty plus years as a band; from playing cruises to being involved in riots, there isn’t much left for these four to experience. Even if playing at the inaugural show of a festival was something that NoFX hadn’t been able to do previously, consider it crossed off in March! Australian punk fans are going to be hoping that this trip Down Under results in a nationwide tour; you can also bet the passionate fans that NoFX have on these shores will eagerly make the trip interstate to see this set just in case it is a single Australian performance like headliners KoЯn. Cast your eyes over a selection of videos from the last twenty years and see why NoFX aren’t a band to be missed!

You Can Catch NOFX On March 24th at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne As Part Of DOWNLOAD MELBOURNE