After releasing Shadows Inside earlier this year via Sharptone Records, Miss May I have been travelling the world and it is finally Australia’s turn!

Kicking off tomorrow at The Triffid in Brisbane, Miss May I are going to be performing six shows within seven days; not only are Miss May I being supported by Sylar and Australia’s own Justice for the Damned, but each show is going to showcase a local band as well. OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to speak to Miss May I front man Levi Benton about the Australian tour, mind you there were a few technical difficulties thrown in just for good measure!

The first topic touched on during the interview was about how excited Miss May I are to have tomorrow roll around and kick the tour off. Benton was very quick and animated in expressing that, “Man, we’re so excited. I know I speak for the band when I say that we can’t wait, because it’s been so long since we were there last! Even though this is a tour for Shadows Inside, we’ll be playing a lot of songs from all over to make up for all the lost time. The show is just going to be a lot more diverse than usual, which just means that we’re that little bit more amped than normal.”

Regardless of which of the six shows you go to, you’ll be getting to see Miss May I being supported by Sylar and Justice for the Damned; where the difference lies between each show is in which local band that Miss May I chose for the night! This interviewer was curious as to how each local support act was chosen and Benton was quite insightful as he explained how, “We all sat down and talked about what bands we wanted to join us, how they would fit and what they would bring to the show. It was a cool process, as I think we chose really well! I’m really excited because a lot of the bands are amazing, plus some of the shows are close to sold out that those local bands are going to get a great boost, so it’s going to be great. Whenever we headline, we always take that into consideration; we remember what it was like being that band growing up! When we tour and pick our supports, we get to hear bands from all over and get to pick out the best local bands from each country.”

So which city are the band most excited to play on this tour?

“Man, I think Brisbane; that’s purely because it’s the first night of the tour and we’re just really excited to get it kicked off! Even though all cities are going to be amazing to play in, I think Monday night in Brisbane is going to be a wild one, not just the show in general, but for the band as well, because it’s been so long between visits for us. It’s going to be a new experience for us in some cities as well, because we’ve never played at those venues before. That makes it feel like the first time we’ve been visited, which is a great feeling.”

Knowing that Miss May I have been touring recently, this interviewer was curious as to what song(s) from Shadows Inside have been getting the best reaction. Benton mentioned how, “’Swallow Your Teeth’ has been an insane ride. That’s probably been the craziest one on our tours for sure. It’s probably my favourite part of the night! The amazing thing is that we don’t have to ask for the crowd to split for a Wall of Death or anything like that, they just turn into a wave of people bouncing. It creates such a different vibe for the rest of the show. It’s great that we play it in the middle of the set! If you were to ask any of the other band members, you would find that it’s a unanimous decision.”

When this interviewer spoke to Benton about the upcoming release of Shadows Inside, it was the very first interview he had ever done. If he counted correctly, this was the 50th interview being crossed off the list! He couldn’t resist making a small off-hand comment to Benton asking what the chances were to get to possibly interview him again in six to twelve months when it’s time for his 100th interview. Benton was more than happy to possibly make that happen, stating how, “You have the number to call, you know the guy to talk to and I’m always available! We’ll make it a tradition to have you speak to me on those milestone interviews, it would be great.”