Guitarist Chris Broderick of Act of Defiance, and formerly of Megadeth, took some time out to respond to some questions via e-mail for OVERDRIVE. He first addressed the song writing process within Act of Defiance.

“In many ways, the song writing was the same for Old Scars, New Wounds as it was for Birth and the Burial. We all worked on our own songs individually and completed demos that we then submitted and started to look at collectively. At that point is where the things changed and we got much more collaborative with each other so we talked about things such as the order of choruses and versus or the melodic line of the vocals, or anything else that we thought would make the song a better song. This is why I think Old Scars, New Wounds has matured from Birth and the Burial, it’s much more of a band effort.”



In terms of the lyrical content in particular, Broderick adds, “I think we all just were writing lyrics that contained things that we felt strongly about at the time of Old Scars, New Wounds. I personally don’t think there any darker than lyrics that I’ve written in the past but I do think they take on some pressing issues. For the songs that I wrote they were definitely very much about some of the current conditions that we are dealing with today. Things such as misinformation in the song ‘Mis Information Age’ or ‘MIA’ definitely points to the fact that you can’t trust what you read on the Internet these days without finding out the source and its credibility to tell you the truth. Even in the face of wanting to believe what someone tells you, if you find the source is not credible then you should not believe it. Overall, Old Scars, New Wounds really is a total collaboration of ideas between Shawn , Matt , Henry and myself and there was no particular focus in terms of lyrics. In my mind we try and deal with lyrics and content that is very open so that those lyrics can be interpreted in somebody’s personal live and giving personal meaning to them. We try to avoid telling very specific stories or ideas that somebody couldn’t relate to.”

The band have produced videos for ‘MIA’ and ‘Overexposure,’ and Broderick reflects, “They were both great in their own way. The main thing I remember about ‘MIA’ is that we had to film it in the middle of summer in Downtown LA in an abandoned warehouse that was probably 125 degrees inside. It definitely made for a sweaty video but we had fun at the same time. Rob the producer was great to work with he had good visions for where the video should go and did a lot with a little in terms of stage props. The next day we went to film ‘Overexposure’ and we’re thinking that it would be almost a carbon copy of ‘MIA.’ However we got to the warehouse and it was fully air conditioned. We met up with Vince Edwards of Metal Blade Records who had agreed to help us film this video pretty much on his own. We had such a great time because it was just like a bunch of friends getting together, and the video was a great performance video.



Having worked together with Shawn Drover in particular for so long, Broderick writes, “Working with Shawn is really easy going. He’s become a good friend and I can always count on him in terms of his playing, his musical decisions and his level-headed thought process behind all the decisions we make.

As for the future, Broderick has some hopes around touring. “I think this time around we just want to get back to places that we’ve been in the past with former bands. Places like South America, Central America, Europe and Australia to name a few. Overall it’s just about exposing our music to as many people as we possibly can for us right now. That means trying to get as many opening slots of bigger bands as we can.”

Once he hits the road, Broderick has a clear idea of the essentials he’ll need. “Haha, for me it’s all about my Pandora headphone guitar practice amp, a guitar and a gym that’s located nearby. Anything else, is just icing on top of the cake.”



And while on the road with Act of Defiance, what might we hear in the car? “Oh you know, some Celine Dion. Maybe some Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift of course.”

But as for the future, really, the plan is simple. “Right now, we are just focusing on bringing our music to the masses. Eventually I will consider doing my own solo CD but that’s not the focus at the moment.”