SE BON KI RA, what does it mean? Well, it is an old Haitian proverb meaning “good is rare” and is traditionally used as a blessing when signing off communications. Flash forward to 2007 and we see it used as the name of one of Adelaide’s most influential bands.

The SE BON KI RA we know today was formed by Chad Cosgrove, Shane Squires, Mike Brown, Benny Farelly and Sven Hentschel and over the last decade they have stuck together sharing some amazing experiences and playing some amazing show together. Today we take a look at their journey and delve deeper into the band.

The band played their first live gig at The Enigma Bar Adelaide, an establishment that would quickly be called home and help foster the bands ambitions and dreams like it has done so for countless other bands. On the bill were locals Double Dragon and Melbourne band Black Like Vengeance. This gig marked the beginning of an amazing career.

Skip ahead 2 years and we get our first taste of recorded works from the guys, the EP One Thousand Ways To Be is released (2009). Recorded and mixed by Dan Murtagh the EP features 5 tracks, the stepping stone to the sound that forms the bands identity and sets the tone for the band, introducing us to their style and musical prowess. The boys played numerous shows on the back of the EP, Including support to Static – X (USA) and being selected to play the prestigious Big Day Out Festival in 2010.

Between life and personal situations, things slowed down for SE BON KI RA for a few years, always still present in the scene however, doing the occasional hometown show or support show including the mighty Alestorm. But 2013 brought what is arguably the biggest year of the bands career so far. “In the wake of change” was released, a whopping 15 track album. Tracked locally by Andy Kite and Mixed by the legendary Scott Atkins in the UK (Sylosis, Cradle Of Filth).The quality is consistently high right throughout the album’s fifteen tracks. Melodic and groovy guitar riffs that capture the listener, complimented with drums that fit the part every song. Mention should also be made of the lyrical approach which draws from and lays bare all the ups and downs, twists and turns that happen in life. Rather than focus on the negative, ultimately the message is one of perseverance and self-belief.

This album saw the band trip across the country over the course of the next 3 years playing with Australian bands such as Dreadnaught, Desecrator, Lord, Frankenbok and Festivals like Amped Fest, Brewtality, Heavy SA and many more. As a result of the incredibly well received album, SE BON KI RA found themselves with a respectable slot on the Soundwave Festival of 2014. Add in a support slot to the almighty Lamb Of God and Soilwork in the year of 2016 and one could say they boys have done quite well for themselves.

After a successful album SE BON KI RA have reignited the fires and are ready to go again. We sat down with Chad last week to discuss the bands current movements and future plans, you can read that here!


So that’s a brief history of the band, 10 years on, as we celebrate a decade of destruction from the mighty SE BON KI RA. However, there is more to look at so have a look below at 3 reasons why you should let SE BON KI RA into your life.




SE BON KI RA live shows are an intense combination of energetic passion and fun. They believe that heavy metal can be powerful and carry meaning without being based on the negativity often stereo-typically associated with the genre. SE BON KI RA are performers and take pride in bringing honesty to their craft. There’s no unnecessary gloss or polish, but there is lots of sweat and the occasional drop of blood



SE BON KI RA play an easily accessible style of heavy metal, described with a comparison with US band Lamb Of God. Hard guitars and tough guy vocals laid over an infectious groove and downbeat” There’s also an honesty to their music, there’s no bulls**t. you can really tell this is 5 guys, 5 mates, giving it their all and loving every minute of it.



Above all, the dudes in SE BON KI RA are stand out individuals. They are grounded and humble and having been in the industry 10 years and more in some cases, they’ve been through the s**t and know how to put it all aside to give us, the fans, the best experience possible.


SE BON KI RA would like to thank, Sacha Sewell, Craig Armstrong, Daniel Randell, Jason North, Greg Shaw, Mark Higgins, Pete Darwin, Michelle Haynes, Ray O’Donnell, Live Nation Australia New Zealand, Stag Music Touring Australia, Truth Inc, Music SA, Arts SA, Derringers Music, ARMI – Australian Rock and Metal Institute, Coopers and  Distortion with Higgo for all their support over the last decade.


SE BON KI RA celebrate a decade of Destruction on the 24th of this month at the Edinburgh Castle Hotel in Adelaide alongside locals Octanic and Arcadia, who both also turn 10 this year.