Chris Wollard – Guitar, Vocals

Chuck Ragan – Guitar, Vocals

Jason Black – Bass

George Rebelo – Drums


Hot Water Music are Punk Rock veterans from Gainesville, Florida and formed in 1993, in that time they’ve put out a plethora of albums and EPs. Through hiatuses, break-ups and multiple side projects, Hot Water Music are still here, so if you’re a fan already or a curious newbie, let’s check them out.


Album: Finding the Rhythms (1995)

Cruisy, Hard Rock/Metal feeling, strong basslines, prominent drums and distorted guitar. Vocals almost sounding like they’re from a punk band. The album sounds like a strange middle ground between punk and metal.


Album: Fuel for the Hate Game (1997)

Heavier this time around, almost sounding grunge-inspired. More aggressive vocals and backup vocals making for new harmonies. The album retains the blended Punk/Rock/Metal sound.


Album: Forever and Counting (1997)

Forever and Counting is heavier on the metal aspects this time around. Nothing particularly different from the previous two albums, however. There are a few gems where you can see the band evolving, though.


EP: Moonpies for Misfits (1998)

Strong bass and drums, with deep growly vocals, reminiscent of a kind of grunge sound.


Album: No Division (1999)

They’ve got albums that seem to focus more on a Metal sound or a Grunge sound, this one seems to be the Punk album, with erratic song structures and chaotic and “in your face” vibes. Most of the other elements in the discography thusfar are mostly unchanged.


Album: A Flight and A Crash (2001)

You can definitely feel the turnover into the 2000’s, this album definitely sounds more modern than even the previous year. This album is pure Hard Rock/Rock’N’Roll, striking guitar riffs and aggressive vocals and a strong sense of structure in their songs. This is the first album that features some new sounds and elements.


Album: Never Ender (2001)

Vocals seem to be more prominent and aggressive in this album. Other than the more prominent vocals, this album is like all the others.


Album: Caution (2002)

Attitude filled and in-your-face. Sounding like a blend of Foo Fighters and Motorhead. This album is the most unique we’ve seen so far, soaring melodies, softest sounding vocals and the most accessible sounding music. This is where I’d direct new fans.


Album: The New What Next (2004)

Continues from the last album with a more “refined”, modern sound. There’s a clear evolution of their sound here, with more toned-down guitars and vocals as well as catchier choruses making for less Grunge/Punk and more Hard Rock.


Album: Exister (2012)

Heavier than the last two, as though they decided to delve back into their roots while retaining the catchy choruses. A few songs deliver some new vocalizations and melodies which add to the overall sound tremendously.


Album: Light It Up (2017)

Their newest album features, unsurprisingly their most modern style. It’s catchy, it’s faithful to their roots, it’s fresh and it’s a good time. Not much else to say, it’s the culmination of everything they’ve done so far.


Check out some of their videos!


Drag My Body

Jack Of All Trades (Live)

You can catch Hot Water Music at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival. Get your tickets HERE!