For those who work Monday-Friday, there is nothing better than walking out of work on a Friday afternoon; mind you, knowing that you’re heading city bound to go see a concert after a long week at work is  pretty high up there!

After sinking a few Jack Daniels with a mate, this reviewer made his way to Max Watts in Melbourne to go see Miss May I on their first ever headlining tour of Australia. Arriving just before doors opened, there was approximately 150 people in line; mind you there was still a long time before Miss May I graced the stage, so that number was going to grow quite a lot over the next few hours.

Those who arrived early were treated to a great serving of Melbourne hardcore! The first band of five to grace the stage tonight was Arkive; they were a five piece who sported dual vocalists working in perfect harmony. Even though Arkive only played four songs in their twenty minutes, the energy that they put out meant that every band following had to be on their A-game! Having a dedicated clean vocalist working alongside a dedicated unclean vocalist most definitely showcased and highlighted just how talented both of them were. This reviewer was most definitely left wanting more, as twenty minutes was not long enough!

Earth Caller also showcased the talent that the Melbourne hardcore scene is producing. In what seemed to be a running trend all night, Earth Caller were another five-piece who were a nice addition to the line-up; not only were they high energy and raising the bar even higher, the drummer was giving those in attendance a beautiful visual display! Before the set, he poured water across his cymbals/skins so that the lights caught the mist as he punished them throughout Earth Caller’s six song performance. Even though there wasn’t a pit formed at this stage, those in attendance were nodding their heads along. For those curious about a new Earth Caller album, January 19th is the date to make on your calendar!

Hailing from Sydney, Australia’s own Justice For The Damned most definitely showed why they were added to the line-up, albeit so late for some unknown reason! It wasn’t long before lead singer Bobak Raifee was inciting those in attendance to get up on their feet and move around; even though there wasn’t much more than 200 people in attendance at this point, the energy somehow lifted to yet another level. The pit was starting to form behind this reviewer as Justice For The Damned blew their way through a sharp six song set over their allocated twenty-five minutes.

On their first ever trip down to Australian shores, New York City’s Sylar had to come out and give it 110% from the get go just to make sure that they weren’t outshone by Australian talent; trust me when I say that Sylar most definitely made sure those in attendance remembered who they were! Even though they only performed for thirty minutes, front-man Jayden Panesso led Sylar through a tight and ultra-clean set; this reviewer wishes he could tell you how many songs were performed, but after the fourth song he was absorbed by the performance to keep count! After Sylar walked off stage, the crowd showed their appreciation to what they just saw by chanting “one more song”; this led to Sylar running back out on stage and jumping at the chance to perform more for the Melbourne crowd, before staying around and showing their appreciation and gratitude.

Miss May I graced the stage for their first ever headlining show in Melbourne around 11pm, to a massive cheer that would have raised the roof off the venue if it was possible! Blasting though an hour long set, Levi Benton and the rest of the band extruded nothing but appreciation for those who made this tour possible; starting off with ‘Lost In The Grey’, bodies were flying in the mosh as fans were treated to ‘Deathless’ and ‘Masses’ lifted the energy of everyone in attendance. ‘Casualties’, ‘Hey Mister’ and ‘Swallow’ got fans singing along before Jerod Boyd was left on stage by himself to deliver an amazing drum solo that the Melbourne crowd most definitely enjoyed’ two lucky fans walked out that night with the drumsticks from that solo and a massive smile on their face!

After enjoying a small chance to catch their breath, the remaining members of Miss May I came back out on stage looking refreshed and lifted the energy to another level somehow; ‘My Destruction’, ‘IHE’ and ‘Sorrow’ saw Benton leading the crowd in a singalong that those who weren’t there really missed out on hearing! ‘Forgive’, ‘Under Fire’ and ‘Shadows’ really kept the bodies flying somehow as Miss May I reached close to being on stage for an hour by this point, although you wouldn’t have known by the amount of energy extruding from the stage! After ‘Shadows’ drew to a close, Miss May I said their thanks to the Melbourne crowd and left the stage, much to the sadness of everyone there; after the crowd expressed how just disappointed that the show was over, Benton lead the band back out and they launched into ‘Relentless’ before making the night of some fans by personally gifting set-lists/drumsticks/guitar picks to those on the rail. Those who didn’t leave straight away were lucky enough to get to take photos and get things signed by the ever thankful Miss May I band members.

If you didn’t make it to Max Watts last night, you honestly missed out on one of the best shows that this reviewer has seen in 2017!

Make sure you grab a ticket to the Adelaide show tonight or the Perth show tomorrow night here if you haven’t already, otherwise you will regret it.




Lost In The Grey
Hey Mister

Drum Solo

My Destruction
Under Fire