2017 has been a very hectic year for Sydney’s sleepmakeswaves; not only have they done numerous tours around Australia (both as headliner and as a support), they’ve also performed on Triple J’s Like A Version AND been nominated for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album at the 2017 ARIA awards!


Overdrive was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to send current guitarist Otto Wicks-Green some questions about everything that has happened over the last 11 months; read below to discover exactly what has taken place within the sleepmakeswaves bandcamp!


1) Who came up with the idea to have Rosetta join you all the way from Pennsylvania for this tour?

We knew we wanted to make this tour a little different from the last few we’ve done around Australia which were all about scaling up the rooms and production. With this one we wanted to strip things back and return to the roots of the band a bit – more intimate clubs where the audience and band are closer and the vibe is more participatory and personal. To complement this we really wanted a band who would also excel in that environment to complete the lineup. We’d been in touch on and off with our old friends, Rosetta, about an Australian tour surrounding their new album and this felt like the perfect match. We’re so excited about how this tour has shaped up.


2) How did SMW get to perform on Like a Version?

We’d been in conversation with triple j since 2015 about coming in for a LaV and our schedules lined up this year so we jumped at the opportunity.


2A) Who’s idea was it to cover ‘Children’ by Robert Miles?

As an instrumental band we were careful about the risk of diminishing a track if we re-arranged a vocal line to an instrument. We did consider a few options but ultimately landed on Children because the melody is so haunting and beautiful, and the song has no vocals for us to worry about re-arranging. We could just go at it with our usual ‘toolkit’ of stark contrasts and textural arrangements, in the search of a result that enabled that melody to connect with people in a different context.

3) 2017 has been a phenomenal year for SMW so far! You’ve toured as Underoath’s main support earlier this year, you’ve toured with Devin Townsend, you’ve released your fourth album Made of Breath Only AND already done a headline tour; how much of a blur has this past 11 months been?!?

Yeah it’s been busy! Really stoked at how much we’ve been able to get done this year.


4) Made of Breath Only has been nominated for Best Hard Rock/Heavy Metal album at the 2017 ARIA awards; how excited are SMW to have been nominated for back to back albums?

Obviously being a niche art-rock band these sort of industry accolades are never part of the plan, but man does mean something that the industry here does notice and care enough about what we do to vote for us back to back like this. We’re very grateful and looking forward to feeling entirely out of place at the awards for the third time!

5) What does 2018 hold for SMW; is it going to be as hectic as 2017, or do the band plan to take a much deserved break?

I think we’ll step back from the relentless touring side of things and focus on some other aspects of this band, and other projects. We all live and breathe music so we can’t stay away from that world for too long. I suspect next year will see us collaborating and writing again. More riffs, more songs. The cool thing about this project is it exists to continually find and push the edges of what rock music means to us, so we never really know what the next output will feel like until we get into the process of unraveling it. This keeps things interesting!