Boy Eats Girl is the result of one man’s passion for music; Rick Cleveland Pinto introduced Melbourne and the rest of the world to Boy Eats Girl in 2016 when he released his first single ‘She Shattered Like Glass’. After receiving such positive feedback, Boy Eats Girl released their second single ‘The Ebony Curse’ not long after; this helped launched Boy Eats Girl into the Australian music scene, which has opened up so many new doors!

Overdrive got the chance recently to send Pinto an email to discuss the Boy Eats Girl camp in great depth; ranging from the journey so far to what the future holds.


  1. Where did the name Boy Eats Girl get drawn from?

“A lot of people assume it was drawn from the movie of the same title *laughs* but in actuality, I started with a list of potential names and narrowed it down to what would best fit the core foundation of all of Boy Eats Girl music. The elements involved with Boy Eats Girl themes are twisted tails grounded in real life occurrences. None of which are tied to a single true event, but have been artistically manipulated to portray multiple personalities and actions, such as twisted romance, murder, cannibalism, psychopathy, sex, rage, abstract and almost drug like delusions, etc.“


  1. How would you describe your sub-genre of music?

“When asked how I describe Boy Eats Girl I always point to extreme metal for two main reasons; 1) In Australian record stores, we don’t typically have specific sections to highlight new sub-genres such as “djent” or “deathcore”, we only showcase black metal, death metal, and extreme metal – which is amalgamation of heavy sub-genres such as slam, brutal death metal, blackened deathcore. 2) I don’t personally have a problem with people labeling me as one genre or another, but I never want to pigeon hole Boy Eats Girl as only deathcore or as only death metal, due to the fact that there is a common division within the metal community that would simply turn certain people off just because of a label they have been put under. I wish this wasn’t the case and people would accept heavy music for what it is and actually listen to the records before making their judgment on whether a single breakdown defines a genre as supposed to a “groove” in a traditional/classic metal song.“


  1. What can you tell us about the production and recording of the EP? Any memorable moments?

There was a lot of up and downs while working on the Ep. Mainly it was a hell of a learning curve. Prior to Boy Eats Girl’s inception, I was only a guitarist.

In order to complete the Ep, I had to go back and forth between learning and tracking each instrument. Basically, I acted as my own producer and whenever wasn’t sounding up to par, I’d go back and revise techniques or in some cases, completely re-learn the instrument until I was satisfied. The pro was I had no pressure or strict deadlines in place, but the cons were I had very high standards for it and was always doubting and second guessing things the whole way though *laughs*. I’ve since become better at managing everything every passing day so the next time I’d have a lot more fun stories in the studio to tell.


  1. What do you hope listeners get from the latest EP?

Boy Eats Girl music very open to interpretation, so in ways it’s up to the listener what they get from it rather than me forcing a specific point or agenda. I like to hope that, especially critics, will see my creativity as creativity and not scapegoat Boy Eats Girl to be an influence on negative behavior or negative events. Boy Eats Girl has never and will never be on a “positive” or comfortable journey to tell a story or get a message across. However, if you look closely you will see that none of the negative aspects have a pay off or happy ending. I write this way for a very specific reason; positive music and positive story telling does not attract negative people, the only way to get through to people that focus on negativity is to feed them something that initially presents itself that way.


  1. What would you consider to be the long-term goal of Boy Eats Girl?

BEG has been meeting all the goals I’ve previously set out a lot faster than expected, so they always change and update but outside of building more, getting involved with certain PR firms and networking with other specific artists, It’s going to have to be something Boy Eats Girl has been incapable of doing previously, hitting the stage and hopefully the road.


  1. Any touring plans?

I would actually love to tour both in Australia and internationally. I miss the stage like crazy and there is so many people I would love to get the chance to meet in person, plus there is no other feeling than getting real time feedback from playing a show even if it is negative. Feeding off that energy becomes extremely addictive. I have no specific plans set to tour just yet, having Boy Eats Girl as a one person operation at this moment. It will be just a matter of time before I recruit members or hire some session guys to get these tours started.


  1. If you could support any band nationally, who would you choose?

Oh that’s a tough question.. I love to support Aussie giants like ‘Make them suffer’ and ‘Thy art is murder’ because I’ve been a fan of theirs straight out the gate but on the other side, I’d feel a lot more comfort playing with some great up and coming bands too. ‘Hollow World‘ and ‘Whoretopsy‘ both have an amazing live sound and throw a hell of a show. Knowing some of the guys and having worked with some previously, it would fit like a glove! Especially over long tour cycles.

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