Band Members:

Luke Holmes – Lead Vocals
Dale Tanner – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy Hall – Guitar
Matthew Henley – Guitar
Sam Bassal – Drums

Melbourne nu-metal band Ocean Grove is set to make a bigger name for themselves by hitting the stage at Download Melbourne 2018. Formed back in 2010, the band is not afraid of the local scene and is more than happy to make a crowd go crazy.

With their first EP Outsider released in March 2013 and their second EP Black Label released two years later in June of 2015, it wasn’t much longer until the bands current label UNFD sought them out and set them up with the name we know today. With signing to a label also came with an added bonus for Ocean Grove fans. The second EP Black Label had a special UNFD rerelease just after ANZAC day 2016 going as Black Label (Sublime Volume). The only difference between editions, however, was the addition of a new track ‘Lights on Kind of Lover‘ which happened to be a breakout hit for Ocean Grove.

It was 2017 that everything started speeding up for the band. Starting the year with an absolutely insane set at Unify Festival 2017, Ocean Grove started the promotion of their first album The Rhapsody Tapes. The albums first single ‘Intimate Alien‘ came out to rave reviews before the album dropped and, thanks to those reviews, the album reached at #5 on the ARIA album charts in the first week of release.

Having recently released a cover of Silverchair classic ‘Spawn Again‘ with other large Australian names, it seems that this year just happens to be the start of big things ahead. Ocean Grove is currently on tour throughout Europe before moving onto the US to bring the Melbourne nu-metal sound to the masses.

I guess you could say, welcome to the Odd-World.

You can catch Ocean Grove at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival.