Stevie Williams – Vocals
Jake Laderman – Drums
Rod Goon – Guitar
Will Robinson – Guitar
Hanny J – Bass/Vocals

Clowns are a hardcore punk rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Currently signed to Poison City Records, the band managed to gain success, even reaching the point of touring Australia and Europe. They’ve got a discography of three studio albums and three split albums collaborating with other artists, but since we’re focusing primarily on Clowns, let’s get into their works.

Album: I’m Not Right (2013)

This album is a unique take on Punk Rock as a genre. Powerful bass, thrashing guitar and wild drumming saturate it. Stevie William’s vocals are crazy, like a mix of sleazy rock, howling punk and ghastly screams. The music is chaotic and wild, but it’s very charming and has a nice variety as it’s not too scream-heavy, not too thrashy punk, not too rock, it’s a nice blend of all of them.
If I had 3 words to sum this album up? Charming, Wild and Unique.

Album: Bad Blood (2015)

The band’s second album is everything the first is, this time with a heavier and a more energetic take. Still, they’ve retained all their charm and spunk, but adding some new elements like more spoken-word vocals and some atmospheric sounds. Plus, if you like songs that open with and feature a lot of amp feedback noises, this album will satiate that for you, there’s a lot. Speaking about the vocals, there’s significantly more screamed vocals and many different types of screams that all blend together to form a truly chaotic voice. There’s also many songs on this album that are very short bursts of music, some no longer than 50 seconds.

Album: Lucid Again (2017)

Lucid Again seems to have taken a step back. Clowns have radically evolved their style in this album, rock and roll style guitar riffs, somber quiet instrumentals over soft-spoken clean vocals and hell, even some acoustic guitar elements. This all seems to create something completely different from what we’ve seen of the band so far.
All this softness doesn’t take away from their usual chaotic nature, though, all the songs seem to build back into the thrashing punk choruses. With all of these changes, they have more variety and more to pick apart and listen to which makes for much more interesting music than, for example, the same couple songs put together in an album. This album is heavy, groovy, jammy, chaotic, full of attitude and as I stated before, charm.

You can catch Clowns at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival.