In our latest review, we look into the Decade of Destruction release by Five Finger Death Punch. Love them or hate them the American five-piece heavy metal band the metal world loves to hate still march forward issuing their sixth album. Formed in 2005 the band consisting of vocalist Ivan Moody, bassist Chris Kael, drummer Jeremy Spencer and duel guitarists Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook have achieved multiple platinum and gold selling albums. With Decade of Destruction they give us a tour through the history of Five Finger Death Punch with a best of album with some new additions to whet our appetites for their future upcoming releases.

This greatest hits album provides a track list that delivers almost like a set list straight from the stage representing the bands style of aggressive, emotional performances and passionate ballads. Five Finger Death Punch have released an album that is a catalogue of songs ranging from their first album The Way of the Fist from 2007 to their most recent Got Your Six from 2015. Decade of Destruction gives you a summary of their best, shredding guitars, crushing bass, explosive drums and vocals that exude pain and anguish within every lyric.

Of course, with any greatest hits some fans will be upset by their lack of inclusion of *insert personal favourite track here*. However, a strong sixteen-track album, including two new releases, spanning the career of Five Finger Death Punch. The band incorporates their straight up metal, groove driven and hard-hitting approach, which should please old and new fans as the album delivers a quality selection considering the range of songs available to select.


Examining the opening new track Trouble is a song in the customary style of the band with their aggressive yet at times restrained elegance and passionate, heated lyrics and fast tempo punchy guitars. This track like seemingly most of the Five Finger Death Punch catalogue is stage ready and arranged to translate to any future mosh pit and festival in upcoming tours. Maybe a taste of things to come for their new album?

The second new release from the band is a unique twist on a classic. Ivan Moody through his well-publicized and documented battles has delivered a cover song that brings about the challenging dilemma, can a cover be better than the original? With a vocal rendition, the evocative Moody brings new dimension to the song through a haunting, emotional, heartbreaking reinterpretation of the classic Gone Away by The Offspring. The lyrics when given a new somber tone from Moody, which completely changes the complexity of the song and provides you with a new genuine appreciation for the original track. The atypical approach to the bands usual sound makes this exceptional track a standout feature that could challenge even the stubborn hater of the band.

As stated earlier the remainder of the album reads like a good live set list with its highs and lows. With a list that includes fantastic songs such as “I Apologize, Under and Over It, Remember Everythingand The Bleeding, full of neck breaking riffs, emotional ballads and crowd singalongs. Nevertheless, before you judge the album on that, consider this, any album that is able to open their greatest hits with a supporting vocalist role from the metal god that is Rob Halford from Judas Priest has to be given its proper kudos, a track called Lift Me Up”.


Regardless of your personal views of the band, they have gone through there trials and continued to create a signature style over ten plus years, touring across the planet taking part in the world’s biggest music festivals. The band deserve their accolades and definitely have some killer, heartbreaking tracks throughout their repertoire, many of which are on this album. We cannot wait to see what the expected seventh studio album brings in 2018 from the band.

Look below at the track list for yourself and let us at Overdrive know below with what you think of and how you rate Five Finger Death Punch’s latest release Decade of Destruction:

  1. Trouble
  2. Gone Away
  3. Lift Me Up
  4. Wash It All Away
  5. Bad Company
  6. Under And Over It
  7. Wrong Side Of Heaven
  8. House Of The Rising Sun
  9. I Apologize
  10. The Bleeding
  11. Jekyll And Hyde
  12. Remember Everything
  13. Coming Down
  14. My Nemesis
  15. Battle Born
  16. Far From Home



Decade of Destruction is an album that will surely initiate new fans to the band, and into the Five Finger Death Punch “knuckleheads” fan club. With a unique surprise and some old favourites for the long-time fan who needs a trip down memory lane, metal true to its name.