Straight from the Nashville metal scene comes Dark Hound, they’ve been thrashing around since 2014 and they’re clearly not done yet. ET Brown (Vocals), Evan Hensley (Guitars), Preston Walls (Guitars), Josh Brown (Drums) have stuck around long enough to be releasing their new album “Dawning” upon the world. I had the chance to sit down and listen to it, so let’s have a closer look at the 11 tracks in store.

Ashes of Your Worth“, the first song, is introduced with drums, guitar and then vocals. Our first impression of these vocals are that they’re definitely something different, sounding a bit like a classic metal vocalist, almost as if Ozzy Osbourne and Bullet for My Valentine‘s Matt Tuck had a voice baby.

Drums and Guitar are fairly straightforward throughout this song, although there’s also a pretty nice sounding guitar solo.

Another noteworthy song is “Guilt Tripper“, drums and guitar in tandem open the medium tempo song, vocals follow and helped by the guitar riffs in the chorus, they carry a spooky vibe. This song reminds me a lot of Ghost.

Next one worth mentioning is “The Answer“, this song starts out with a fantastic solo-like guitar riff that captures your attention immediately. Drums count it into a heavy repetitive guitar riff, the drums follow and the vocals come in and deliver a gut-wrenching kind of vocal style, like a low growling. This song has outdone all the songs previously, really outshines the others comparatively. It’s definitely been the catchiest so far.

Something Different. “Stripped Away” starts off with acoustic guitar, giving them a different sound, the electric chimes in over it and hits hard, vocals follow and they’re much more engaging than in the previous few songs because there’s been a variation in the vocal style using both screamed and clean vocals, helps it feel less boring. There’s some great guitar riffs in this song, as well as a great solo.

The Jagged Edge” is the last song I want to praise, starts out with a gorgeously heavy riff with some high strings in there. Then we get vocals that are theatric and keep that spooky vibe we got earlier. This song is interesting, it makes me think of if a horror movie were to be a song. These last two songs are something that’s distinct and catches your attention.

There are a few songs that honestly let me down a little, comparatively to the songs I praised in this article, they just don’t have a lot to offer or a lot to talk about, they’re a tad “run of the mill”. Just the basic instrumentals and regular song structures.

Carnival Of Youth“, being such a captivating title I was excited for, but unfortunately let me down. “Crisis of Hope” picked me up and then lost me, it started cool and had some cool guitar riffs but that’s about it. “Thrown to the Wolves” and “Here Lies Truth” I have the same criticisms for.

The band aren’t in any way bad, they just seem to have a fair bit of hit and miss going on.