When bringing Cursed Earth into discussion, there will always be two main points of conversation. Firstly, they’re yet another home grown Australian group who know how to tear the f**king roof off of a joint. Secondly (and probably most importantly) they’re joining the forefront of showcasing female talent within the Heavy Metal industry, through their vocalist Jazmine Luders, who exhibits endless amounts of charisma and is enigmatic when performing on stage.


Band Members:

Jazmine Luders – Lead Vocals

Kieran Molloy – Guitar

Paul Cottrell – Guitar

Robert Owens – Bass

Sam Forward – Drums


Formed in Perth, Western Australia, back in 2013 this five-piece group have quickly made a name for themselves through their EP Vae Mortis, establishing themselves as unflinching documenters of the dark corners of human nature. Now, with the latest two-act release of Cycles of Grief (Part I and Part II respectively), they’re making their most powerful statement yet.

I’ve caught these guys live on a couple of occasions, and they didn’t disappoint. While some might scoff at the ‘opening acts’ with their anticipation only yearning for the Headliner, I open-mindedly attend gigs in hopes of finding something new to add to my life’s playlist. Cursed Earth was one of those acts that instantly clicked with what I was looking for. Charismatic, talented, and packing powerful punches that are dialled not to stun, but to kill. Being a part of Australia’s first Download Festival is only going to open up more doors for the Western Australians, if they hadn’t already kicked all the doors down by now.

If you can’t wait until Download Festival to get a taste of what these guys have to offer, they’ve got some upcoming tour dates that will provide enough of a tease to have you wanting to go back for seconds.




Invasion Fest 2017

Melbourne, December 9

Unify 2018

Gippsland, January 13

Hyperfest 2018

Perth, February 24

Download Festival 2018

Melbourne, March 24





Brisbane, December 6

Oxford Arts Factory

Sydney, December 7

Urge Records

South Coast, December 8

The Tote

Melbourne, December 9

Crown and Anchor

Adelaide, December 10


Perth, December 14

Still can’t wait until Download to get your fix, even after advertising their upcoming shows? Have a look at some of their work below (including a full 18 minute live set)!

You can catch Cursed Earth at Melbourne’s iconic Flemington Racecourse on March 24th as part of the inaugural Australian edition of Download Festival. Get your tickets HERE!