Murkocet, the heavy metal band from Phoenix, Arizona are relatively new on the scene having only formed in 2013 and only releasing their debut album this year. Despite this, vocalist Richie Jano, guitarist Nate Garrett, drummer Mike Mays and bassist Jared Pettit have found a great start of success. Two tracks off of their debut album found their way to local radio and into the title of an indie horror film. Through tours and magazines, these guys have really begun to make a mark for themselves so let’s have a look at their new single “Hustlin’ Hate”.

“Hustlin’ Hate” starts off with an atmospheric intro using bent strings that sing out to you, with recurring drums and guitar chords continuously chiming in before the opening riff hits and we’re met with the scream of vocalist Richie Jano. The song is fast, aggressive and beautifully heavy, there’s a satisfying, meaty guitar riff that plays throughout the verses in the song. The drums are a strong and prominent element, being both catchy and powerful. A particular favored quirk of mine is how throughout the song, the vocals will go into a deep growl and in sync the guitar’s string bend to create a sound that mimics the growls and it really adds to the song. Overall, this is a brutal and an enjoyably thrashing song that I think covers a lot of bases for a wide variety of metal fans and thus Murkocet are making themselves accessible and easily likeable for new listeners.

The single was everything you expected, but that’s just it. There’s not much to it beyond the certain criteria of things you need for it to be a heavy metal song. For that reason the overall reception of the song was hurt. It’s pretty damn good, but it just needs a little more personal flair to make it stand out amongst the countless rest.

It’s pretty easy to see that whether it’s touring or writing music, the guys of Murkocet have done well for themselves in such a short time being around. Despite the generic formula they have followed on this song, it’s still rather enjoyable nonetheless, but nothing groundbreaking. This is a band that’s clearly making an impact and if you want to make an impact on them too?

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