Melbourne, post-grunge monsters Jarface have released the music video for new single Absolution in the lead up to the release of their debut album ‘Now They See’ on Friday, December 8.

To celebrate the release of ‘Now They See’, Jarface will be heading out on a massive seven date tour with stops in Melbourne, Wollongong, Bendigo, Sydney and Albury.

It’s been a long journey to ‘Now They See’ for Jarface and the album title is a subtle dig at the arduous process it took to bring it to fruition.

“After three years of writing, and six months of recording, mixing and mastering, it seemed fitting that a debut album which felt like forever to complete should have the title ‘Now They See’, but just every other aspect of our music; it’s open to interpretation,”

Despite the long development behind ‘Now They See’, Jarface have crafted a strong showcase of post-grunge that defines and sets the band apart.

“For the most part it’s a loud and heavy sound, that consists of riffs that are butted together with drums complimenting them but still giving them a beat to help them

New single Absolution is a notably positive track tracing the beginning and first meeting of a future couple.

Absolution was written after meeting my partner on a late night out at a Smith Street bar. I was there after we’d played a show at another venue and I remember spending most of the night trying to convince her I was actually in a band,” said

That positivity bleeds through the music, the bass line delivering this incredible pumping rhythm!

Absolution has this groove that was inspired by the blues tunes that were being played that night,”