Coming to us on the second of February 2018 is Witch Hunter, the album from Death on Fire or more specifically multi-instrumentalist, Tim Kenefic. Death On Fire is a solo project which greatly surprised and impressed me as coming up with, writing, producing, recording and publishing a full band’s level of content is not an easy feat, so kudos to you, Tim. So with anticipation boiling, let’s give Witch Hunter a listen.

I was blown away by this record completely. It’s a lot more than your typical Melodic Death Metal music. There were only two songs out of eight that felt like low points and even they were nothing to scoff at.

Starting off with “Your Lies”, It’s raw, it’s grinding, it’s heavy and it features really nice sounding guitar riffs that make use of the low and high strings, they aren’t just heavy chords over and over again, there’s substance to the instrumentals and the structures of the song. Overall this song is something I think could really attract a lot of attention from fans of any kind of metal genre.

Next up is the titular “Witch Hunter” starts off with an intense vibe of horror, only plucking a few strings to create an atmospheric vibe, before smacking us in the face with the main guitar riff. The vocals impressively feature more than one style of screamed vocals. This song is gritty, fast and reminds me of what would be going on in the mind of a slasher film victim while they’re being killed. There’s a fantastic solo in the middle of this song that breathes a whole lot of life into it, separating it from just generic death metal.

Thirdly, “Requiem” opens up on a gorgeous note. A sexy bassline followed by a shredding guitar solo before jumping into the chaos. Fast Guitar, faster drums, growling screamed vocals make up the majority of this song. This song features an extreme juxtaposition from that of the opening to the bulk of the song, it’s mostly the same in the middle, but it has a phenomenal beginning and the end goes to a guitar solo and closes out on very heavy deep growling.

“Betrayal” starts off with a gorgeously soft guitar riff, really atmospheric and pretty sounding which features later in the song as well, then it abruptly hits you out nowhere, the grit, the aggression, the…metal.

It’s another insane juxtaposition, I think that the overall theme of this song is that being betrayed is like a quiet, happy, peaceful bliss and then hits you like a truck. Something along those lines, I’d imagine.

These two songs really feature juxtapositions that really add a unique flair.

“Methamphetamine Dentistry” and “Never See You Again” both felt like outcasts in the album, they seemed to deviate from death metal to thrash metal, and they’re cool. Gorgeous guitar solos and co-ordination between vocals and guitar are what makes these songs stand out.

Now getting to the two songs I felt like were low points, “Make the Old Ways New Again” and “American Scum”.

“Make the Old Ways New Again” is heavy right out of the gate. The reason this song felt like a low point isn’t because it’s bad, (I was just blown away by everything else). It’s got all of the elements that are featured on the earlier songs, it just strikes me as a seeming a tad more generic comparatively to the other songs. This song in particular has a really cool bridge, featuring clean vocals over the monstrous sounding screams, which was really cool.

“American Scum” starts off with a slow burning distortion as a little bit of guitar and a bassline inch closer to the verse. This song is another low point comparatively to the rest of this album, for similar reasons.


If you’re interested in the album, head over here!