While Europe homes many of the biggest names in metal, Ukraine has a number of bands with plenty of potential. However, not one of them can ever be compared to the diversity and characteristics of Septa. Before honing their skills and passion all the way to the studio for their latest single Redrum, they gave their third full-length LP “Sounds Like Murder” to the world, late last year.

Septa’s main sound is derived from the likes of influences of mathcore, post-rock, post-hardcore, progressive and alternative metal, which sets as the basis for “Sounds Like Murder”. With the assortment of said genres being displayed in different tracks, Septa bring a different personality to each song and pack heavy punches of quality into the entirety of the record. When you experience the likes of 11th Omen and 13th: Aftermath, you can get a very transparent vibe of some alternative-prog influences, while getting full-on instances of metalcore throughout Narcosis and Red Code.

Vocalist Eugene Tymchyk showcases his vocals in many moods and styles that replicate the likes of Mike Patton, Dustin Kensrue, Daryl Palumbo, Dallas Green and Ian Kenny. From the maniacal moshing of The Seducer and High Pitch Noise to the harmonizing post and alternative rock inspiration of Sky Moves Faster and When There Is No Time, whatever his fellow band-mates execute, he is able to deliver progression in his voice just as well. With him also bringing a conceptual story to life while leading the production in “Sounds Like Murder”, Tymchyk captures a whole new setting and direction for an independent band that many up-and-comers could learn from.

Hearing this record late last year, it really didn’t take that long for me to fall in love with this record, as it became one of my favourite full-lengths of 2016. It’s bands like Septa that prove in some of the least-noticed countries in music, lies some extremely artistic and multi-talented groups that deserve to be given a shot at not only leading the scene, but the global audience would also grasp more knowledge of Ukraine’s scene. There’s no doubt that Septa have given their home country their trust and promise, and I would not be surprised if these guys had their name up on the map, permanently.


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