Australian blackened hardcore up-and-comers, TRESPASSER have crafted an effortful release with “Suffer Alone, Suffer Together” that combines crushing, sludge-paced grooves with a noxious and oppressive atmosphere that rivals most contemporary acts in the underground extreme metal scene.

Suffer Alone, Suffer Together” opens with ‘Unravelled’, a brooding track that is unleashed upon the listener with copious amounts of eerie feedback, thunderous drum build-ups and ragefully executed vocalisations. This track sets a solid foundation for the rest of the release to build upon as it moves towards its secondary track, ‘Withered Hands’.

Withered Hands’ blasts open with fierce momentum into a thrash-influenced hardcore riff reminiscent of acts such as Harms Way and NAILS. Throughout the runtime of this track, TRESPASSER demonstrate a reasonable ability to shift gears into an ominous mid-paced riff section that may remind listeners of sludge acts such as Baroness or even Mastodon during the heaviest moments of their discography.

The third track, ‘Dragged Down’ continues the trend of unrelenting brutality, opening with a dissonant downtempo groove that shifts into a d-beat verse that hints at possible crust punk influences from acts such as Nausea. The track closes with a shift into tempo towards a devastating breakdown, followed by a foreboding clean guitar melody that crawls towards the songs inevitable end.

The second last track, ‘Narrows’ contains all of the hallmarks noted in previous tracks and proves to demonstrate the vicious production style that can be heard on the mixing and mastering of this release. Within the midsection of ‘Narrows’, bass tones caked in distortion and grime cut through the mix to help drive the song forwards in a fashion that would not be as effective without such a harsh tonal presentation.

The closing track, ‘Slow Decay’ effectively completes the release with a contemplative and melancholic arpeggiated chord progression, evocative of an act such as Deftones, standing in reasonable contrast to the atmosphere created by the driving force of riffs heard previously on this release. Despite the passionate and powerful execution of the vocals on this track, I feel that perhaps some clean backing vocals could have been utilised to expand upon the multidimensional aspects of this emotional closing piece of music.