AHOY ye landlubbers!

Our latest piratic addition to the Napalm Records roster recently unveiled the first details of their upcoming album “The Triumph Of Piracy“! Now it’s time to get your first swig of RUMAHOY in form of a rum barrel and very first track release.

Classy and super catchy, the new track is entitled “AHOY“.

Captain Yarrface and his crew state:
Ahoy! I am Captain Yarrface, welcome to the sea, and welcome to the first single from the new Rumahoy album, titled ‘AHOY!’. It is an epic anthem of heritage and Yarr, so raise up your rum and drink your ale while signing along in the ocean!

Load all of your gun barrels and light them up! Watch the video premiere of “AHOY” HERE.

RUMAHOY’s full-length studio album and Napalm Records debut “The Triumph Of Piracy” will be released on February 9th 2018!
“The Triumph Of Piracy” is available as 1 CD jewel case and digital album!

“The Triumph Of Piracy” Full Track Listing:

1. AHOY!
2. Quest for Heritage
3. Forest Party
4. The Haitian Slam
5. Huffman, the Pirate King
6. Kill the Trolls
7. Netflix and Yarr
8. Pirateship
9. The Triumph of Piracy


Get your pre-order and YAAAAARRRRRRRRRR HERE.