On what was a humid night in Brisbane The Brightside was playing host to the United Kingdom’s own Don Broco, who were here in Australia for the first time ever! While the punters took a bit longer to turn up to the concert it eventually got under way without a hitch.

Opening up for the night was Brisbane 4-piece The Comfort, who although having a short set got everybody’s interest quite quickly. While lead singer Liam Holmes reminded everyone that, although their songs were mostly about the sad times, they weren’t sad about performing tonight. With duel vocals from both Liam and Dominic, the songs sounded perfect and showed the strength and attitude this band possesses. Giving off vibes similar to Real Friends and State Champs, The Comfort can tick off yet another solid performance at the Brightside. If you’re yet to check out the Brisbane locals, they’re always around performing!

Originally from Melbourne I’ve grown up through the scene listening and watching Storm the Sky through their ups and downs, their change in line-up and the change in sound. While last time I saw them they didn’t seem up to par, this time they sounded a lot more focused and solid. Performing tracks like ‘Medicine’, ‘Jaded Ghost’ and ‘Second Best’, I experienced more of what Will could offer. His screams have definitely improved since their line up change and their on-stage aura is strong between everyone up there.

Although no songs from previous albums were played they still captured the attention of the slowly building crowd inside The Brightside. Hopefully the band progresses with their newly found sound more and find that success they had with their older sound. Closing with ‘Lilac’, Storm the Sky left the room with smiles on punters faces and surely some new fans within the audience.

With this being the first show ever in Australia for Don Broco the venue and fans surely made it feel like they’d been here plenty of times before. With a loud scream as the lights went out, the stage was graced by the band and they couldn’t look happier to be there. Smiles lined all of their faces and it translated over to the fans when they opened with ‘Everybody.’ Looking around at the crowd while everyone was jumping I noticed some people dressed as cowboys in the audience (referencing the cowboy in Don Broco’s music videos) and others doing the simple yet intense dance that the cowboy does.

Powering through hits like ‘Automatic’ and ‘Stay Ignorant’ the energy from the Brits was turned up to 11! I haven’t seen a band happier to be on stage in a while. Rob told the crowd about being in Brisbane for three days and not knowing what to do on the third night. The band ended up going on the free boat down the Brisbane River and meeting other travellers who attended the show. The travellers brought beers to the stage for the band much to the delight of Don Broco.

Although the band didn’t have any merch due to it getting lost on route to Brisbane, they said that if anyone bought merch off their website that Australian’s would be getting free shipping!

With the band closing out their set with ‘T-Shirt Song’ most of the crowd followed the rules and took their shirt off and swing it round above their head.  It was quite hot in the venue so I’m sure getting rid of a layer for one song was a heaven sent for most punters in the mosh.

The crowd started to chant encore as the band was half off stage and waited patiently for Rob to come back out. Although an encore wasn’t planned and could potentially go really sour (according to Don Broco) they genuinely enjoyed performing across the other side of the world for fans they’ve never seen before, so they dug deep and performed what is potentially the first song they ever wrote called ‘Thug Workout’ to the ecstatic fans.

The performance tonight was at this moment nearly intimate gig of the year for me. With an honest performance by a band who is well and truly happy to be on stage, regardless of whether it’s a couple of hundred to a couple of thousand fans, this was a night that fans will remember!

If you’re attending any other Don Broco Australian tour dates, you’re in for a treat as this is one of the truest performances I’ve ever witnessed and would gladly take up every chance to see them again and again.




You Wanna Know



Money Power Fame

What You Do To Me



Stay Ignorant



I Got Sick


T-Shirt Song


Thug Workout