One of the most brutal, relentless and vital forces in extreme music, Cattle Decapitation will return to Australia in February!

Over the course of twenty years and eight full-lengths San Diego’s Cattle Decapitation have more than proven themselves in the international metal scene and with their current album The Anthropocene Extinction (Metal Blade) they have delivered a volatile, apocalyptic beast that is as hideous as it is compelling. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with lead singer Travis Young to discuss their upcoming Australian tour, their successful career and plans for a new album.

The band have been solidly touring for the past two years around the world, for their most recent album. We asked Travis if there were any highlights from this tour that stood out for him. “ The highlight honestly was just that fact that there were not really many mistakes, no fans being bad, no accidents, nobody missed any shows really. All the fans are really cool and got along which is great. You now there is (usually) always that one knda asshole person that sucks (laughs) that you talk about under your breath but there was none of that. Everybody was super cool and everything went along just amazingly. You know there was a lot of sold out shows so you know that was something that was quite good. I am just really looking forward to going to Australia again it’s been too long, and we love it there. The last time we went was awhile ago and we have been dying to come back. We are glad to make it happen. For awhile there it was you know what the fuck? Are we really gonna do a whole nother record without having gone to Australia on this one. So finally it happened and we were just glad to finally make it work.”

The band have been around for over twenty years with a string of increasingly successful albums and tours. So what keeps the band going after all this time?  “ I think for me we enjoy a rare thing and that is that as the band goes on we get bigger. You know, a lot of bands have the majority of their success earlier on,  We are having success later on so each record kind reinvigorates us. We gather all sorts of ideas on the road, what we liked what we didn’t like. We always come back and refuel, get back into the writing mode which is basically what we are abou to do right now, except the Australian tour had to get in the way of that! (laughs). We love it, we just can’t wait to get back out there. Really looking forward to writing new material. I’ve never been more ready for it.”

So we should be expecting a new album in the future? “ Well we are going to start writing it immediately and that will take about a year, and after that hopefully we go in the studio about this time next year. Hopefully we have something ready for everybody in spring of 2019. All next year is really gonna be writing with the exception of the Australian tour.  Writing and not really doing much touring during that time.”

The band have been on the road solidly for the past two years yet still seem excited to be coming to Australia finally. “We had a bunch of time there at one point, we have done a lot of Europe there and the U.S and we are ready to do Australia. We wanted to go sooner but it so hard to get something going down there and not have it fall through, at least that’s the case with us. We really need to start working on this next record, we need to have it out in a decent time frame.

While the band are extremely successful, a lot of their success came later n in their career. So what, in Travis’s eyes, has led to this success, and keeps hem going? “ Well we have gone through a couple of line up changes in the 20 years that we have been together. I think there was just something about this line up that works. Josh and I have been trying for the last 15 years or so  to move forward. Bigger and better you know. So I think we have just achieved a stable ground that people happen to like. But we are sticking with it. See what happens with the next record. We try to branch out as much as possible and get out on a limb , trying something new and seeing what happens.”  The last record was amazing and this new record sounds quite exciting as well. “  I have all the album concept, the title and the cover. All that stuff ready to go. We just need the time to do it. Pretty, pretty excited about it.”

The Australian tour has been long awaited, and is highly anticipated by the fans. But the tour almost didn’t happen, despite Travis and the band clearly looking forward to touring here. “ As far as Australia, I am not sure what happened. Perth was on the agenda at first but that got changed. I was really looking forward to Perth. I was really looking forward to the gig as we had never been there. The New Zealand portion will be interesting because you know I have never been. I am just really looking forward to playing Sydney and not twice in one day like we did last time.I just …. I am in my forties, this was ridiculous to do, it was kind of stupid (laughs). Were not doing it this time but looking forward to playing Sydney and just enjoying it.”


Cattle Decapitation are often labelled as Death/Grind/Grindgore. But how do the band see themselves and their style of music? “ Yeah people want to call it deathgrind and I think that’s fair. Whatever.  I don’t want to put a label on it. I have always just liked to go generic and just call it extreme music. I just wish bands were , fans and bands could be less concerned with sticking within a genre. Some of my favourite artists are really genre less. One of them is this band called Igorrr, that just signed to Metal Blade. There is no label for them, there is not a genre that exists. It just doesn’t exist.  I just wish there was more music like that that doesn’t have to be filed under something. I mean I get it, you need some sort of direction or its anarchy. But you now that sounds more appealing to me. But deathgrind is fair. That’s fair for us.”

Cattle Decapitation will be bringing their brand of brutal and violent death metal to our shores in  2018.  The band are the soundtrack to savagery. A striking, unflinching reflection of the current state of humanity.

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The Anthropocene Extinction is out now