This EP is melodically one of the finest releases I have heard & each of the six tracks offer something different for the listener. What Silenmara don’t fall victim to is sounding like every other band already in the scene which is a nice change.

Opening track ‘God Particle’ opens with a nice melodic offering before going straight into a Death Metal blast with the growls of vocalist Reggie Miller that are brutal as with a nice change of cleans to be added on top.

Track 2 ‘Bed Of Lies’ opens up with this Gothenburg sound which sets the track up beautifully before going into the Melodeath sound with some of the cleanest guitar sounds I have heard & drumming & bass work which sets this track nicely with the vocals on top.

Track 3 ‘Visionary’ opens up with a lighter sound show casing Guitarists Jason Gato & Marcus Noga with a really nice melodic sound of guys like John Petrucci & Angel Vivaldi which really shines through on this track.

Track 4 ‘Rampallian’ opens with a blast of speed & breakdown early in the track which is bound to be a monster of a track when performed live. Vocally the cleans are insane & again showcasing vocalist Reggie’s dynamic between harsh to cleans is evident in this track

Track 5 ‘Locust’ opens with a nice, slower but still heavy attack of Melodeath influence. A different offering on the EP but none the less still effective showcasing the band can play slower tracks & still have impact without being faster with a nice, slow but heavy breakdown added in.

The final track ‘The Black’ offers everything that this band can give from the blast of Death Metal. A melodic sound with the return of the Gothenburg influence & vocally the most impressive song I have heard on this release. This track closes this EP perfectly with a really nice Dream Theater inspired finish -which in my mind is the perfect finish.

Silenmara have really outdone themselves on this release & I look forward to hearing more from them soon.

A Darkened Visionary will be out on 15 December. You can pre-order it on iTunes here.