Even though The Hunna have only released one album to date, they have already experienced more
than most bands can ever hope to achieve! After forming in 2015, they released their debut album
100 in August 2016; the hype that it received has allowed Ryan Potter (Vocals/Guitar), Dan Dorney
(Lead Guitar), Jermaine Angin (Bass) and Jack Metcalfe (Drums) to travel not only around their
home country of the UK, but also to the United States and a few other countries.

The next place overseas that this foursome gets to travel to is Australia; they are hitting our shores
to do 5 shows with label mates Coasts in January next year. OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to speak
with front man Potter not only about the upcoming tour, but also about the rollercoaster ride The
Hunna has already experienced. First topic of conversation was about the excitement of the
upcoming tour and Potter mentioned how “none of us have ever been there before and it’s
something that we’ve spoken about for so long. To get to go there is going to be an amazing
experience and we can’t wait!”

Considering that 100 was only released 16 months ago, The Hunna have been able to get to put their
passport to good use; they traveled to the United States for a tour that took place over a few
months, as well as getting to play single shows in a few other countries. This interviewer was curious
as to how surreal life has been for The Hunna camp since the album was first released and Potter
gave a short but insightful response:
“It’s just mental as it’s happened pretty quickly for us; the album has just been received so amazingly
since it came out! We still can’t believe that we get to continue doing a world tour next year; it’s a
dream of ours that we’ve had for a long time, so we’re just taking it day by day as we try to take it all
in and enjoy it.”

When asked about some of the experiences that the band have had whilst traveling overseas, Potter
couldn’t contain his excitement whilst delivering his answer:
“There have been a lot of cool moments! When we did out American tour at the end of last year; not
only was that three months the longest that we’ve ever been away, but obviously America is very
different to England. Plus it’s been somewhere that we’ve always wanted to go to, so it was very
special and we had the craziest time of our lives over there. It was just a mental tour where we met
lots of cool bands and great people; it was just a real special time for us and we can’t wait to get to experience that in other places like Australia. The first time we went to Paris was also very welcoming, as we’d never been there before and we had fans waiting outside the venue for us to arrive.”

Hearing about the enthusiasm that The Hunna’s fans have been showcasing, this was the perfect
opportunity to hear from Potter himself what song(s) have been getting the best crowd response at
a live show. Potter was quick to point out how “a massive favorite wherever we go is ‘She’s Casual’
as the crowd just sing the lyrics back to me so loud, which is always a really nice moment live!
‘Bonfire’ is a massive song for us as well, plus ‘Bad For You’ and ‘Rock My Way’ are the really heavy
songs in our set; they’re just really fun songs where people can let loose as the pit opens up.”

This interviewer was curious as to which song(s) Potter most enjoyed getting up and performing;
even though the answer was short and sweet, there was nothing but pure emotion contained
“All four of us love playing ‘Bad For You’ live, so that’s one that we always look forward to playing.
‘She’s Casual’ is one that I can’t go past; as I mentioned before, it’s very special when every single
person is singing it back to you, word for word from the beginning to the end! That’s what we always
wanted to achieve with our music, is have people singing it back and connecting with it.”

With this being the first time over to Australia for Potter and the rest of The Hunna, this interviewer
wanted to know what the guys were looking forward to doing most. Potter pointed out first that
“overall, we’re just looking forward to coming over and seeing a completely different way of life!”
before going into greater depth with his answer:
“We’re also looking forward to coming over and experiencing the sun, as it’s quite rainy over here at
the moment (laughs) We’ve also had a lot of Australian fans say that they want to take us surfing, so
hopefully we can get to do that if time permits. Plus our tour manager has said that he wants to take
us to see koala bears, which would be really nice. I’ve heard that even though they look quite cuddly,
they can be quite dangerous!” When this interviewer made mention how everything in Australia is
trying to kill you after all, so to make sure not to fall into that cuteness trap Potter let out another

No one could argue that the last sixteen months have been a rollercoaster for The Hunna; this led to
this interviewer wanting to know what the craziest thing that The Hunna have experienced not only
on stage, but also out on the road. Potter had a good think about this answer as “there’s been loads
of crazy things; there’s so many places that it’s hard to remember them all (laughs)” before
mentioning one of the more random experiences they’ve seen:
“I think it was the first show of the American tour actually; we were on tour with Jimmy Eat World
and after our set we went back to our bus. You know Captain Morgan the drink; there was this dude
on our bus on our bus who was actually the Captain Morgan! He works for Captain Morgan as the
captain, going around to parties and promos; he ended up spending the entire night on our bus
acting like a pirate, having a lot of drinks with us. That was just very random but very fun; the
pictures are just hilarious and we can see him again next time we go back to the States!”

Even though The Hunna have already done an insane amount of touring, there is no end in sight;
before coming to Australia, the boys are going for another run of shows around the UK! Potter also
pointed out how “after the Australian tour, we go straight to Europe before heading back to
America; then we’ve got a couple of festivals before hopefully getting to come back to Australia again for a longer time! There’s a lot of touring next year, which will be the longest time that we’ve been gone from home.”

Knowing that The Hunna have a lot of touring ahead of them, this interviewer wanted to know
whether there would be any time to look at recording a second album; Potter responded with some
amazing news that will make fans extremely happy:

“We’ve pretty much finished with our second album; I was actually in the studio last night laying
down some vocals! I think we’re going to finish it next week and have it ready for a next year
release, which is pretty exciting. We don’t have an exact date for the release as of yet, but the pre-
order for the album is coming out on December 15th; there will be a new song with that, so there’s
another song for fans to hear which is exciting!”