After heading out to Yah Yah’s the previous night to catch Lagerstein in their full rum fuelled glory, this interviewer found himself heading city bound again on Sunday to catch a more intimate acoustic set. The Lagerstein ship docked in Cherry Bar’s port after the Yah Yah’s show and didn’t leave until the early hours of this morning!

Warming up the crowd of rowdy (and slightly hungover) pirates were Melbourne’s own Keggin, who performed as Australian of a set that you can imagine! Even before they started, front man Gaz “The Goon King” Baker was showcasing the wit and dry humour that Australians are known to have; making such comments like “MTV proudly doesn’t present: Keggin Unplugged” and “Are we better than Nirvana? Propably not but stick around to find out!”. If those comments weren’t enough to show just how Australian Keggin are, EVERY single one of their songs revolved round some form of alcohol; whether it be Jack Daniels, Tequila or even the iconic Goon, Keggin is most definitely a band that showcase their love to drink within their music. Even there was a relatively small turnout, not only did those in attendance really get into the spirit and sung along with every word, but we also got to see an impromptu bass solo from Tyler “Tyquila” Price during Keggin’s sixth song PURELY to fill time as Cptn Gregaaarrr from Lagerstein ran to get the beer bong from the green room to help Gaz to make a serious dent in his bottle of wine.

Even though Lagerstein were performing an acoustic set last night, that didn’t stop the pirate attitude from coming out during set-up; Cptn Gregaaarrr couldn’t help but stir trouble as he made mention how backwards the southern states are by referring to a chicken parmigiana as a “parma” instead of a “parmi”…this got a few good old-fashioned and playful boos from the local audience, but it was a perfect way to start off the small intimate gig! Those in attendance took the opportunity to take a seat on the floor at Cherry and get nice and cosy, as they experienced the division of the floor into two sides during the first song: Port side and Starboard side. This division of those in attendance pre-empted the Shoey sculling competition at every Lagerstein show between The Majestic Beast and Neil “Rummy” Rackers, which was won by Rackers and the Port side for the second night in a row. Third song of the set ‘Harpoon The Sun’ was giving as Australian of an intro as you could get; Cptn. Gregaaarrr started explaining how bad he felt yesterday morning after docking at Cherry Bar, drinking all night at the after party and walking out into the bright, unforgiving early morning sun. If you’ve ever spent all night drinking and walked out into the bright morning sun, you most definitely agree with the desire to harpoon the sun!

Land Of Bundy’ featured a guest vocalist as Gaz from Keggin joined Lagerstein on stage and helped out with the vocals; the bromance between Gregaaarrr and Gaz showed, as Gregaaarrr mentioned just how much the boys in Lagerstein enjoy touring with the boys in Keggin! Let’s not also forget that multiple times throughout the night, Lagerstein were getting those in attendance to say “Hi Gary” before getting Gaz to say “hi everybody” in return. Even though this was an acoustic set, there was still the Port v Starboard rivalry to take care of; during ‘Down The Hatch’ Gregaaarrr made those in attendance choose their alliance for the usual wall of death that features. A few laughs were had by those who braved the “super slow walk pace” in the wall as it turned into a ‘jig of death’; this was a BIG change of pace compared to the night before at Yah Yah’s, where bodies were flying and Starboard decimated Port! Last song of the set ‘Drink Til We Die’ called for the appearance of the beer bong that makes the rounds between all seven band members on stage; Gregaaarrr wasn’t overly excited for this part of the night, as he informed the crowd that he almost spewed at the Yah Yah’s show thanks to almost ‘drinking till he died.” For those who missed the first and last Lagerstein acoustic show of 2017, you will most definitely kick yourself once you see the photos that were taken over the night!


Slocken The Rum
Shiver Me Timbers
Harpoon The Sun
Jungle Juice Journey
Land Of Bundy
Drink The Rum
Down The Hatch
Drink Til We Die