The Corrosion of Conformity album NO CROSS NO CROWN is set to be released on the 12 of January 2018. So far, the boys have released two singles off the album, ‘Cast the First Stone’ in early November and the second ‘Wolf Named Crow’ released early December and have been getting some amazing responses to the songs. This has been building the hype for the first album back with Pepper Keenan since 2005’s In The Arms of God. I sat down to chat with the one and only Reed Mullin.

Reed and I spoke about the journey of COC so far, life, reminiscing about old times, the new album and if we will see COC in future down in Australia. Keep on reading as OVERDRIVE Music Magazine dives into the world of Corrosion of Conformity.

I started off the interview with congratulating Reed on the new Album NO CROSS NO CROWN, (I have had a chance to listen to the album in its whole glory, full review coming soon) The Album is amazing.

“You liked the new thing? YAY! That’s good. You have made my day.”

If you know COC at all, or even if you are new to them NO CROSS NO CROWN is something to check out this January. NO CROSS NO CROWN is Corrosion’s tenth studio album. I asked Reed how he felt about it and this is how he responded.

“Oh my fucking god! It’s bad arse.” He also chatted about getting the record deal with Nuclear Blast and the talks with record producer Monte Conner “I promised him that it would be something along the lines of Deliverance. I said look, this is going to be deliverance or better, and I picked it.”

Looking back over the many years of Corrosion of Conformity, they started in the early 1980’s. Their first recording was Eye for an eye released 1983 started COC as more of a punk band they changed a lot before becoming who they are today. Reed sums it up like this.

“Because I consider there has been a couple of versions of COC, there’s been… like the punk version of COC. Which was the Animosity-era, I think that was absolutely amazing. Um… and there was the Karl, Blind album which I think was amazing as well, and then there was all the stuff with Pepper, which fucking kicks arse. I mean that dude totally ripped it.” He is so happy with the fact that Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and himself have pushed boundaries through the years, taking a page out of the Motorhead book, as one of major influence on COC.”

Reed is so stoked with life right now and so he should be.

“The band are doing great. My life in COC and making an experience with other people has been the greatest experience of my entire life.” He was telling me about a message he received from the very talented Ted Aguiar of Death Angel. “He was going on and on about how much he liked the new COC stuff. It broke my heart, it was so nice.”

There are so many things out there about how the band wrote the new album so I wanted to find out for the fans of Overdrive music magazine. Reed states that,

“We did all the songs at our practice space. That was unintentional (laughs) that was not supposed to be a part of the practice, but it ended up being magical.”

We go on to talk about how COC did two years’ worth of touring before writing the new album NO CROSS NO CROWN, and Reed with a giggle tells me of the first time Pepper tried out for Corrosion, and how different things are now. He was not what they were looking for at the time but they needed him in the band so they made him the second guitarist.

“We loved him so much that we ended up having him be the second guitar player, because he was such a cool guy, and we were friends with him, we had known him since 88 or 85. Our experience with Pepper has been outstanding and we love that guy.”

He also told me about how Pepper had tried out for Faith No More

“He tried out to sing for Faith No More in like 1989 – 87, something like that, before COC but FNM went with Mike Patton.”

Just as we were saying our goodbyes I quickly asked if the fans here in Australia will be seeing Corrosion of Conformity in the coming year? His response was one that will make all COC fans happy.

“Well fuck yeah! Absolutely. You better believe that!”

Although nothing yet has been confirmed for an Australian tour, I for one will be looking out for it. I can’t thank Reed enough for taking some time to speak with me on behalf of the Overdrive crew.


Corrosion of Conformity’s “NO CROSS NO CROWN” is out 12 January 2018. Pre-order your copy HERE!