Australian Metal legends LORD return with their latest live offering Live at Power Program USA which showcases the bands live performance at the event in 2016.
There last live album was live at the Metro Theatre in 2006 & 11 years later they record another live album at Powerprog USA.


Q1. It’s been 11 years since your last live recording at The Metro Theatre in 2006. What prompted the idea to record another live album at ProgPower USA?

It was more or less taking advantage of a great opportunity and making the most of the resources we had available. In 2006 we did the same thing, but the tools we had on hand for that live release were not that great. While we were happy with the energy that was captured on the Live at the Metro release, we had always wanted to record a live album that captured more of what the band has achieved over the past 10 years that held up in another decades time.

When we were invited to play ProgPower USA, we knew that this could be the show that would be perfect for not only us but our fans to capture and document. We were really fortunate to be working with an amazing crew and world class gear that made the initial idea become a reality.
The benefit of LORD is having a discography which goes back to the days of Dungeon all the way to their new materiel which gives them versatility in making the show at Progpower all the more exciting.


Q2. There is a huge discography from Dungeon to LORD. With that in mind what is the approach to picking the right songs to perform to people who may never have heard of LORD before?

We’re extremely lucky to have a large selection of songs to pick from and with that comes a lot of flexibility in the positioning of songs in the set as well as what ones work best depending on where we are playing.

For this live album we knew that we needed to celebrate both eras of the band as many old Dungeon fans were also attending and had never seen the band before. We kept a fairly even balance and also wanted to ensure that we kept a high level of energy throughout the whole show. I think we did a great job of finding that balance and keeping people’s attention throughout the whole set. It’s full speed from start to finish!
One thing that really shines on this record is the crowds involvement with LORD.
This is something that reminds of Blind Guardian preforming Valhalla at Wacken & to see this happen with LORD is all the more exciting from my prospective

Q3. The reaction from the crowd was amazing & it defiantly shines through on the album. What was it like for you being there & experiencing that first hand?

For me personally it was a journey that begun a year prior when I attended the festival myself (in 2015) and made a lot of amazing friends. I learnt how this unique festival ticked and how there is a real deep and strong family/community vibe that runs through the ProgPower attendees. Coming back in 2016 and being on stage, the energy from the crowd and to connect with so many great people I met the year previously was an electrifying experience. My appreciation for what we do as a band, what music fans are and what ProgPower USA is specifically reached a new high. It was a really surreal moment and one that I will always look back on fondly.
From playing with bands like Megadeth, Nightwish & Queensryche in the past, LORD step it up with playing along side some of Powermetals biggest bands at one of biggest festivals to hit the states.


Q4. The line-up was pretty impressive from DragonForce to Blind Guardian who are renowned all over the world for their live performance & stage presence. Being one of the smaller bands on the line-up I’d imagine there was nervousness before going on stage?

Without sounding too cocky about it, we don’t see ourselves as a ‘small band’. There are of course varying levels of popularity and there were heaps of amazing bands that have carved out incredibly legacies and released monumental music over the years. For us, we loved sharing the stage with many of the world’s best, but we knew we earned our spot there and for Tim specifically to be in the game since 1989 as well as Mark and I having 10+ years in LORD, there were no unique feelings of being nervous. We’ve always been confident in what we do and as long as we go out there and do ‘our thing’ then all is well.
There is a healthy feeling of nervousness that falls over most musicians before you play any show. I however have always put that feeling down to more of an adrenaline rush rather than nerves that might make us feel like we are comparing ourselves to anyone else we are playing with.
While the Live At The Metro release was perfect for its time & defiantly giving long time fans of both Dungeon & LORD a hole new viewing & hearing experience. Live at Powerprog is a hole different beast & the band sound absolutely perfect.

Q5. With the album now out, are you happy with how it turned out on a production basis?

Absolutely. We spent a lot of time working on the footage from the show as well as cleaning up the mix. Like any music released, it will be enjoyed for years to come so we wanted to ensure it stands the test of time and becomes a release that people continue to go back to and enjoy in the years to come. We were lucky to work with an incredible team at ProgPower USA and have some get gear and technology at our fingertips. This helped considerably when it came time to getting it all together in post-production back in Australia. I’m looking forward to seeing how it holds up down the track with some of the legendary live metal albums that many love. I might be biased, but I love it!