Release Music Video For Hunting Room

Announces Album Launch Show with Lo!


Melbourne underground noise makers YLVA released their debut album, M E T A last month via Pelagic Records.


Today the band have released the video for Hunting Room taken from the album.

The track isn’t just a swinging sledge hammer of desperation but more the blueprint of self reflection and the record as a whole.


Watch it here!


Director Matt Adey (House of Vnholy) has worked with the band in various forms and took on the piece to create their new film clip.

This harsh landscape YLVA paints in Hunting Room is explored and portrayed by Adey in an immersive connection between sound, light and story.


Directors notes:

YLVA’s Hunting Room video clip is a combination of competing imagery and aesthetics between the bands contemporary metal sound and tropes of the classical. Taking inspiration from “the Dying Swan’ solo by Mikhail Fokine paralleled with the folklore of Dante’s Inferno and the concentric circles of hell. Unlike the narrative of traditional folklore, the images are a pastiche, a collage of strong symbolic gestures for the viewer to interpret.



Director – House of Vnholy

DOP – Arlo Dean Cook

Edit – Arlo Dean Cook and Matthew Adey

Camera Assist – Dorian Hiscock

MUA – Nirvana Adey

Stylist – Matilda Woodroffe

Performer – Robyn Begg

Extras – Belle Frahn-Starkie, Megan Payne & Tyler Bierman