It was a busy Friday night in Melbourne when this reviewer made his way to 170 Russell to see some good old home grown extreme metal: not only were King Parrot in town, but they had also bought along special guests Disentomb and Pagan (who performed alongside Pennywise not too long ago!) out for the night. This meant that thanks to the warmer weather and the sweatbox that 170 Russell is well known for being, those in attendance were going to walk out at the very least dripping from head to toe in sweat, maybe some blood to go with it!

Doors opened around 8pm and those who came down early were treated to first treated to Cryptic Abyss who graced the stage from 8:20-8:50; unfortunately this reviewer wasn’t able to make it in time to see them play, but the energy and vibe within 170 Russell showed this reviewer that he will be kicking himself for days!

After coming from his day jobs staff party which had an open bar, this reviewer decided it would be a good idea to stay out of the mosh tonight and to review from the back; this meant that he was able to experience another perspective at a Pagan show. Even though they were playing to a much smaller crowd as compared to the Pennywise show, Pagan still showcased as much energy and appreciation for being there! This four-piece really made the most of their thirty minutes on stage as they blasted their way through approximately eight songs that really warmed up those in attendance for what was still to come this evening; this reviewer was really getting into the performance and forgot to keep count after song four.

After only having to wait twenty minutes, the Melbourne crowd were fortunate enough to have Disentomb walk out to a massive roar of appreciation and they did not disappoint! Those who would have been walking above the venue would have been feeling the footpath trembling as those underneath them were bouncing and shouting along as Disentomb showcased the desire that made them come back from hiatus; even better is the fact that after all these years Australian fans are still being treated to three of the original five members! Melbourne were treated to a fast paced set which had bodies flying within the pit; unfortunately Disentomb were only on stage for forty minutes but the time seemed to fly by within a blink of an eye.

At some time around or just after 11pm, King Parrot made 170 Russell stop the frustrating wait to hear them performing in their home state once again, as well as it being the first time since releasing ‘Ugly Produce’; the crowd was showing just as much as energy as the boys on stage who blew their way through an hour long set comprising of a well-balanced mixture of old and new. Bodies were flying, security was most definitely earning their money and this interviewer was thankful for deciding to sit this one out and appreciate it from the back! For those in Sydney and Brisbane who haven’t been hit by the King Parrot hurricane yet, make sure to brace yourself as you’re going to be ducking for cover and making sure you aren’t missing any limbs by the time it blows out of town.



Tour Dates:

The Factory, Sydney – Saturday 16 December

The Triffid, Brisbane – Sunday 17 December


Photos by Andrew Basso.