With their Psycho Circus tour coming to a close, Brisbane anthemic industrialists DarkCell came around to Melbourne’s club scene to perform their final show of the year, as part of the Psycho Circus leg. With the Royal Melbourne Hotel’s weekly Bang! event going down on its usual Saturday routine, DarkCell were given the chance to help bring a little more diversity to the evening’s lineup, with the support of Nerve, Massacre of Innocence and Obsidian Monolith.

First up, were Death Metal quartet Obsidian Monolith, who brought in a crowd of around 30 people. Unfortunately, their vocalist was unable to attend with the remainder of the band. However, it didn’t stop them from being able to execute a fine performance. Without their frontman, their style was derived from a somewhat ambient vibe, while maintaining the extreme and belligerent persona of their name. With 30 minutes of stage time, they used every second of it with caution, as the number of patrons grew slowly throughout the set. From moderate Doom-inspired riffs to fast technicality on the seven string-friendly fretboards, Obsidian Monolith were able to deliver a great first impression to Bang! and its loyal attendance.

With Massacre of Innocence taking it up a notch with another new level, the number of attendees increased more and more, as the night progressed even further. Their vocalist would jump off stage to scream and sing in the faces of those in front of him. They would later be the first act of the evening to gain the first moshpit of the event. With an All That Remains Killswitch Engage-inspired exterior to their brand, Massacre of Innocence showcased a pretty acute and enticing style to their live identity, stylising a well-achieved execution of intensity and leisure as their set progressed.

Bringing another lot of good followers were Metalcore and Nu Metal-influenced four-piece Nerve, who also had a great start to their 30 minutes of fame. With a lot of head and body boppers going at it in the pit, Nerve gave off a really good impression to their audience. They displayed a lot of diversity and really engaged with the crowd from beginning to end. The energy they displayed felt heavily professional and natural throughout their course, and they really packed a few punches to their onstage antics that made them seem just as interesting live, as they do in the studio.

Considering that Bang! is well-known for drawing in big crowds with the typical Metalcore / Punk headliner, DarkCell managed to attain that notion as well with their signature Industrial Metal anthems, and nearly packed out the band room. From there, DarkCell smashed out a number of sinister psalms such as ‘Preacher,’ ‘Hate Anthem,’ ‘Exorcist,’ ‘Hail to the Freaks’ and more. There was no denying that to this day, DarkCell still know how to perfect the synchronisation of imagery and sound at a gig. Frontman Jesse Dracman still gives off an enticingly malevolent aura in his presence, reminiscent of the likes of Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson with the massive set of pipes that he projects into the microphone. At the same time, the whole band, from Postmortem’s six string Thunderbird, to Derelict’s rumbling bass and Macarbe’s powerful percussion, everything ran like clockwork, and with the variety of patrons from different genres and scenes they base themselves around, it made Bang! look more open with not just the line-up, but also because of the unity between everyone that came that night.