Since forming in 2004, Lich King has redefined East Coast Thrash Metal; they’ve made it well known over their career that they’re not trying to create a new style, but more so replicate Thrash from the 80s, when it was in its prime! The foursome have built quite a following during their creation process, which has allowed them to release six studio albums, as well as travel across Europe on more than one occasion.

Lich King released their sixth album The Omniclasm earlier this year and generally speaking, with a new album there are new opportunities for the band; this time Lich King get to make their first ever trip to Australia! OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to speak to lead guitarist Nick Timney about the first ever trip to Australian shores. The first question asked was how excited Lich King are to finally get to make it to Australia. Timney couldn’t contain his excitement as he answered with, “Very much, man. We’ve crossed an ocean before as we’ve gone to Europe a couple of times. But to go across the other side of the world and below the equator, that’s huge for us!” before going into further detail explaining how, “It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a while! On our last run across Europe, we actually teamed up with Hidden Intent. We didn’t very seriously talk about it, but we were putting out some feelers about possibly getting to do something like that. The plan started to become more solidified though when they came over to do a US tour with us. We’ve been working on this since roughly August so it’s taken place in not too much time.”

After asking for clarification on the chain of events that took place with Hidden Intent, this interviewer wanted to know who spoke to who first about making it all happen. Timney quickly pointed out how it was the brainchild of just one man, mentioning that, “This is definitely all the idea of Chris McEwen from Hidden Intent. He pitched it to us and we were very much ready to go! He’s the one who’s done all the legwork and the footwork that been able to get it off the ground.”

Whilst on their first trip to Australia, Lich King are most definitely making up for lost time! They are performing 12 shows within 17 days all around the country, which means that there will be many memories to be made (and forgotten about) along the way. Was there a specific city that Timney was excited to get to come and play in, or was he just more excited to get to set foot on our shores? Timney made sure to keep nothing back with this answer.

“I’m going to be totally honest about you, I know very little about the cities of Australia,” he chuckled. “I would say I’m most excited for either Melbourne or Sydney, just because they’re the cities that I know the most about. Of course we’ve heard a lot about (as you would say) “South ‘Straya” from the Hidden Intent guys and are certainly looking forward to getting to see Adelaide! The gist that I have gotten from them is that regardless of whether you’re in a larger city or a smaller one, the touring scene is just awesome. There’s a wealth of awesome bands that I’ve been listening to that I will finally get to meet. So there’s no specific answer for you, as the whole package is just very exciting.”

Every show throughout the tour is showcasing a different set of support bands to the last. Considering that Lich King have never been to Australia, this is quite an impressive feat! When asked about how this came about, Timney instantly pointed the finger towards one man:

“Once again, that one was Chris McEwen. He had a very heavy hand in booking all of this. The friendships and connections that he has made there are what gave us our starting point when it came to drafting those bands that will be opening for us! If we were given duty to pick the bands when we were doing our first European tour, I would realistically only have five of six bands to fill up say 30 dates. Having Chris being around that local scene in Australia and knowing the bands was essential making that variety take place.”

Considering that Lich King have been touring quite a bit this year thanks to the new album, this interviewer wanted to know which song(s) have been getting the best crowd reaction and interaction at a live show. After pointing out that, “The reaction to the album has been really good!” Timney went on to explain why they’ve received such a great response.

“What fans have come to expect from us is to not go off the path that much, so we’re sticking to that Lich King sound! People have said how we’re consistently coming up with good stuff without breaking our mold too much whilst still keeping it fresh enough; people have said how the new album is most exciting to them. When it comes to individual songs, the biggest reaction is probably to our song ‘CTS,’ probably mainly because it was the first single we did a music video for, so we put a lot of emotion into it. Songs like ‘Our Time to Riot’ and ‘Preschool Cesspool’ have been real bangers as well.”

When asked if there were any songs off the album that got a much bigger reaction than they were expecting, Timney had one song that instantly came to mind for all the right reasons:

“There’s a song called ‘Offence.’ We normally don’t like to dip into political or social issues, but this song is about LGBTQ rights. Actually there was a bit of conversation that surrounded it that I wasn’t expecting to see from Lich King fans who aren’t normally going to music for the political side of things. I was really elated that the message was reaching across in such a positive light! It could have come out in anyway, with people being the way they are on the internet, considering there are hate boards and however the YouTube comment thread could run with it.”

Just what can Australian fans expect to see when Lich King make their long awaited debut trip to our shores; are they going to be pulling a Spinal Tap and turning things up to 11? After delivering an enthusiastic, “Absolutely, man,” before giving Australian fans the best advice for preparing themselves for what lays ahead next February:

“Take a listen to the new album and you’ll be best prepared for what to expect. It’s non-stop, all downhill with no brakes; the music is just energetic and fun to mosh to. Given that we’ve never been to Australia, we’re going to make sure to pad the set-list with classics from the discography, but we’re going to be putting our best foot forward!”

Before the interview concluded, this interviewer was curious as to whether Timney had any last words for Australian fans who have been awaiting this day to finally arrive. Even though the response was short and sweet, it was nothing but passionate:

“We’re as excited as you guys are. To have this opportunity is an honour. I know a lot of bands don’t get the chance to tour Australia and see the awesome Metal scene that exists there, so we’re looking forward to seeing you all!”


LICH KING (USA) and HIDDEN INTENT support & ticketing details:

Feb 1st – Ballarat W/ Requiem & Feast of Crows- The Eastern
$10 at the door

Feb 2nd – Melbourne W/ In Malice’s Wake, Harlott & Party Vibez – Bendigo Hotel

Feb 3rd – Churches of Steel – Adelaide’s True Heavy Metal Festival – The Producers Bar – The Old Exchange

Feb 4th – ARMI – Australian Rock & Metal Institute Clinic – Adelaide

Feb 7th – Albury w/ As Flesh Decays, D.I.E.F.M – Albion Hotel
$15 at the door

Feb 8th – Canberra W/ Reignofterror & Terravorous – The Basement

Feb 9th – Wollongong W/ Reaper, Panik & Thrash Bandicoot – Rad Bar

Feb 10th – Newcastle w/ Grim Demise, Cerebral Contortion & PurEnvY  – The Small Ballroom

Feb 11th – Sydney w/ Metreya, Head In a Jar – Frankie’s Pizza By The Slice

Feb 15th – Lismore W/ Beast Machine, Crisiz to Collapse – New Tatts Hotel
$15 at the door

Feb 16th – Gold Coast w/ Deraign, Decryptus, Level H – Miami Shark Bar

Feb 17th – Brisbane w/ Deraign, Asylum, Wartooth  – The Back Room Brisbane