Welcome back everyone, today’s review is about the latest release from the successful group Asking Alexandria, for those not in the know, Asking Alexandria are an English rock band consisting of newly returned and original lead vocalist Danny Worsnop, with guitarists Ben Bruce, Cameron Liddell, James Cassells on drums and bassist Sam Bettley. Asking Alexandria may be one of the strongest and consistent bands of the last decade in the hard rock-metalcore genres, almost certainly one of Sumerian Records biggest bands.

With 2017 brings the return of original lead singer, Danny Worsnop after time away and a break from the band. But, without missing a beat, Worsnop has stepped straight back into the groove of their last record together from 2013, “From Death to Destiny“. Lyrically intense, centralised on emotional experiences expressed through a variety of styles in this album. The album flows almost without fault through multiple genres, yet still carries all the signature sounds of Asking Alexandria.

The self-titled album seems to redefine or maybe re-establish the band’s place in the scene. Through their difficult journey, this fifth album makes a strong stance, drawing a line in the sand that the band is as strong as ever and here to stay. “Asking Alexandria“, the self-titled album, is built on the heavy rock sound and melodic course vocals tones of Danny Worsnop. The new album is far removed in many aspects from 2016’s “The Black“, for instance, it does not contain the guttural, deathcore vocal style from the 2016 album but that will not come as a shock to anyone who is aware of Worsnop’s recent work. The album maintains the bands preference for altering their sounds each album, but still maintains their strong personal identity in the music.

In an interview Worsnop discussed his need to “find himself” as tensions between he and the band over his lack of interest in more extreme metal arose. However, after time off Worsnop stated, “I’m now in a place mentally where this is something I can embrace again, with the men I started this crazy journey with. It’s a beautiful nostalgia that feels like nothing ever changed.”

Describing the album briefly Asking Alexandria have delivered another album full of anthemic and ballad focused passionate songs from the first to their last. Among the many awesome tracks we will discuss below are some stand out tracks that will be interesting for the new listener, and infectious tracks for the new listener to check out.

Opening with Alone in a Room, a strong rhythm guitar dedicated track, the relatable lyrics make this a huge song to open with, “All I needed was the last thing I wanted, to sit alone in a room”. The album single Into The Fire carries the rock sound fans of the band will love, expressing Worsnop’s incredible ashy rock style voice. When The Lights Come On will be a sure addition to the tour cycle, a purpose built crowd pleaser. The song is a perfect formula from start to end with catchy riffs, hypnotising drum tracks and lyrics ready to go for any crowd participation.

The acoustic Vultures is a slow tempo, expressive track with the lyrics of a once broken man; A perfect match to Worsnop’s vocals. An ode to coming back from the depth with lyrics like “I don’t know where to turn, everywhere I look these vultures burn the life right outta me, do I run, or lay down and die?,” gives you a sample of the emotion portrayed from the track, a definite favourite from the album.

The following track Eve is a step back to early Asking Alexandria, after the instrumental intro, that first note, a brutal deep guitar and vocal grasp snatch your attention. Leaving thoughts and shades of earlier albums vocally, which ebb and flow through the song again expressing the bands diverse range. The solid electronic influence on the song provides a surprising yet enjoyable undertone to the track.

Asking Alexandria have done it again, a confident return to the solid foundation that fans new and old will enjoy. The unique deviations, revel in the many positives from the album. With rare faults and the reinstatement of Worsnop, any fan will know his recent influences and the long road the band have travelled towards this sound.

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