In Rochester, NY holds a band by the name Ovtlier, who recently dropped their debut EP titled What Doesn’t Kill You. Whilst yet heavy and melodic, said EP has a very groovy sound.  The band brings a vibe that reminds me of bands like Motionless In White, Breaking Benjamin and Of Mice & Men.

Ovtlier consists of five members; Joey Arena (lead vocals), Paul Milne (lead guitar/vocals), Joey Lana (drums), Joe Syracusa (rhythm guitar/vocals), and Cosmo Pusateri (bass/vocals).

The EP opens with it’s first track Your Disease, which starts with a slow piano melody and then kicks in with a groovy guitar riff and heavy drums. Arena later comes in with both clean and unclean vocals. Your Disease has a very catchy chorus that later transitions back into a groovy instrumental section.

Broken Bones is the second track off the EP. It opens with a dark melodic sounding piano, Then hits hard with a fast paced groove and follows into an up-beat verse. Later on in the song comes out a brilliantly played melodic solo, that falls back into a some great vocals in the bridge of the song.

The third tack Set The World In Flames stood out because of the verse which involved just vocals and piano. The instrumentals before the chorus are very groovy which made me want to get up and go crazy. The chorus has these melodies that really caught my ear and makes you want to shout the lyrics with Arena, which is why this track stood out.

Vice is the fourth track off the EP. There’s not much to say about this song, it is good… But only bits and pieces really stood out, like the verse. The verse involves some synth with the vocals which was different yet effective and took me off guard.

Starting with a palm muted riff and build up drums is Buried Me Alive. This track really stood out as it was groovy and catchy.  But the part that really stood out was the section before the chorus, very melodic and has a beautiful transition into a jump worthy chorus. The vocals were brilliant throughout the entire song.

Second last track Voices In The Dark sounded similar to the other songs, still good… Guitar and drum work is great, but it didn’t stand out like the other’s.

Break opens with vocals and piano, then goes into a catchy guitar riff and drums. The only criticism I have with this song is the chorus sounds the same as some of the other songs, Everything else is genius.

So what can I say about Ovtlier’s debut EP ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’? I answer that with the guys in this band are terrific musicians, the songs were great and I can see them getting signed in the near future. I do highly recommend you checking this out for yourself, these guys did great especially for a first release. I hope the best for these guys, keep doing what you’re doing.

You can purchase your copy of What Doesn’t Kill You on iTunes, HERE!