For those of you who haven’t heard, Dimevision Vol 2 was released November 24th after a 12 year wait; fans were eager to get their hands on it, resulting in it charting #3 on the Billboard Top DVD Music Video chart upon debut!

After getting to speak to Darrell Dimebag Abbott’s life long partner Rita Haney back in October (read the interview here) about the then upcoming release of Dimevision Vol. 2, there was no way OVERDRIVE was going to turn down speaking to Daryl ‘Bobby Tongs’ Arnberger. In case your mind is too hazy from headbanging to think clearly, Arnberger was the man behind the camera for all of the Pantera vision that you’ve seen from over the years, not only as the official videographer but also Dimebag’s life-long friend.

Before the interview got under way, congratulations for debuting so high on the charts were in order! Arnberger was quick to express how “it was awesome; we didn’t have any digital downloads available, it was all just the DVD sales! Everyone else sells their digital downloads but we didn’t, which means number 3 is a great place to land. I’m very proud of it, thank you. For this day and age, it felt great!”

This interviewer started to pick Arnberger’s brain straight out of the gate by wanting to know how he and Haney came to using “Roll With It Or Get Rolled Over” as the sub-heading; Arnberger quickly explained that “I think we’ve had that in our sights for many years, so it was a pretty easy choice. It was one thing that he started saying towards the end of it all; we had a bunch of phone calls where he was saying it at the end, before making a PEW! Sound and ending the call” before adding that “there’s a lot of them hidden throughout the DVD, if anyone catches them! I put just the audio in a bunch of spots throughout the DVD, so it’s pretty funny as you’re not expecting to hear it.”

Touching further on Dimebag’s life-long partner Rita Haney, Arnberger had nothing but great words to say about getting to work with her once more, as well as the process that he undertook personally:

“It was awesome! We started this a while back and then we both got caught up in our own lives, so we had to put it on hold for a while. But at the start, I just grabbed a bunch of tapes from the house and pretty much watched them all, before narrowing it down to about 42-43 hours-worth of footage. After that, I started putting things together and weighing things out as a map for the new Dimevision, before we started watching everything together. I started watching stuff for part two in 2007 and it was still pretty tough back then, but at the same time it was inspirational getting to see Darrell again; even though it was on video, it really helped! We got busy for a while before we came back to it, but it seemed to be a little better this time around; there was more of an inspiration and a driving force to get this done, as he was most definitely going to put these Dimevisions out himself. They probably would have been quite different, but they would have been the same also.”

Rita mentioned the emotional rollercoaster that watching these videos took them both on; from the tears of sadness to the tears of laughter, that switch could be flicked in a matter of seconds. Arnberger was quick to point out that “Oh yeah, we had a lot of that! There were times just sitting there crying  as well as just laughing whilst staring at the editing screen. Since we can’t have him, at least we have all the memories that we created; it’s quite a good thing these days to be able to have that. I’ve got a lot more stuff to do for the third one as well as the future projects, so the therapy is really helping a lot; I enjoy popping my tape in and watching what comes up.”

When asked if there was any particular reason as to why the second Dimevison was released last month, Arnberger let out a huge chuckle before stating that “the main reasoning was I finally stopped touring for a while! I’d been touring almost non-stop since 1990 up until 2015, almost on a yearly basis; I wanted to get these projects done, so that’s pretty much it. We both had the time to do it as Rita wasn’t as busy as she normally is, so the next step was finding someone to help us put it out; we were able to do that in Metal Blade, so that’s just what we did as we were both ready to do this!”

As per the first Dimevision, there was five songs chosen to accompany the DVD; when asked about the thought process behind choosing five songs and how long it took to choose those five, Arnberger went into great detail about just things came to happen:

“I think the five songs per album was just something we decided would be a good number for each one, so if we do a number three we’d probably put five on that one as well. We don’t want to just throw them all out there; there’s a lot but we don’t want to give them all away at once, as we want people to have something to look forward to! When it comes to picking the songs, we pretty much went to a box in the closet, grabbed a CD case and started listening to the demos that were in there. We realized pretty much out of the shoot that we instantly had the five that we wanted to use; we then gave them to Sterling, he worked his magic and that was that. When you’re listening to some of the stuff on these CDs, there’s so much good stuff or funny stuff to choose from that you could just pick anything! Most of his four-tracks were funny and just about something that happened in life that day, so it wasn’t that hard; plus we know a lot of the insights and meanings behind the songs, so it wasn’t that difficult to pick five at all.”

During the conversation with Rita, she mentioned how the excitement was building towards November 24th and being to finally release Dimevision Vol. 2 to the public; now that that date has finally come and the cork popped from this shaken champagne bottle, it must have been a fantastic day for everyone involved. Arnberger happily commented that “it was a great day for us, as all the fans have been really supportive of the project and there were a lot of pre-orders! It was good to get it out to the fans to let them have this and share it with them; not only are they fans of Darrell but they also love him just like we do, so to be able to share that with them was a huge relief. People are loving it and we’re seeing a lot of great reviews, so the fans are happy which means we are happy. The bad will never outweigh the good with this project, because it is Darrell and people love him.”

To go with the release of Dimevision Vol 2, there was a PledgeMusic website dedicated to not only being able to pre-order numerous packs that contain the album, but also being able to buy objects owned by Darrell throughout his life! Upon recent observation to see what was left, this interviewer was pleased to see that most things had sold out; when asked about the success of the store, Arnberger proclaimed that “things went quick! I wasn’t that surprised that the personal costumes he would and the things he made himself, as they’re a part of rock ‘n’ roll history; they’re most definitely something that I would be a part of and snag up! It didn’t surprise me too much because the fans out there want a piece of Darrell to put in their house, as it’s something that he created which brings a positive vibe to wherever it goes. We just wanted to give people the opportunity to have that stuff, as it doesn’t deserve to be sitting in a closet at his house rotting away!”

So this interviewer was curious as to whether there was a rough timeline on when the creation for Dimevision Vol. 3 would start to take place; even though Arnberger couldn’t give a definitive answer, the answer that was given is most definitely going to make Dimebag fans happy:

“We’re not going to let it lag; most definitely not as long as between the first two! We are still trying to get this to reach full flight, plus I’m also still creating more trailers for it. There’s another Pantera project that’s going to be in the works here soon, so I want to get that done first, but then we’re going to most definitely start working on volume three of Dimevision after that!”