Germany is hound to many great bands inclining The Scorpions, Accept & Rammstien & now Black Metal outfit Amplified Memory.

The band return with quiet possibly their most unique release ever. The band stretch out their musicality & go further into new uncharted territories.

Vocally Wolfgang Paulini sounds out of this world, he shines through on “A Walk On The Crystalline Path”, “Soporific”, “The Aether Apparatus” & “Into The Shelter Of A Mind”. Wolfgang has really improved immensely & these songs credit his ever growing ability & talent as a vocalist.

Christoph Lamprect/Eley Ellmer & Michael Bichler-Thal have proven themselves immensely on this release. All 3 of them have gone far & beyond their instruments and its defiantly proven on tracks like “A Walk On The Crystalline Path”, “Ammon’s Eclipse” & “Into The Shelter Of A Mind”. The boys have made a massive progression from the last release to now & this album is a massive nod to their ongoing ability to further themselves as musicians.

Felix Indra’s drum work is second to none here. His drumming is absolutely amazing & again he proves his amazing talent on tracks like “End Of Transference”, “Maze Of Gyri” & “Into The Shelter Of A Mind”. He has become one of the most young drummers in the genre & has made a great impact on this album.

Simon Bodesheim is really a stand for me personally on this release & proves his talent on tracks like “Walk On The Crystal Path”, “End Of Transference” & “Into The Shelter Of A Mind”. He makes good of Rag time piano in “End Of Transference” which had me moving my feet to a rather catchy part in the song.

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