There has to be a hidden facility in Finland, where they’re producing super-humans possessing tremendous musical abilities, surely!? Everything coming out of that country musically, especially on the heavier side of things, is nothing short of brilliant, and upcoming band Nevicate are no exception. Hailing from Joensuu, Finland, Nevicate’s sound is a mixture of symphonic tones, pop vibes and electronic elements. Never heard of them? Get ready, because they’ll quickly climb the ranks and be well received globally within no time! They recently released their single Shattered, which I was fortunate enough to get my hands on and witness the bands talent first hand.

Nevicate consists of band members Anni Kokkonen (vocals), Lassi Porali (guitar/backing vocals), Lumi Ollila (keyboards/backing vocals), Oskari Hevonkoski (bass), and Toni Manninen (drums).

The single’s sound tip-toes the line of being somewhat Nightwish-esque, which isn’t a negative trope in the slightest. Likening their sound to a band who is world renowned for their symphonic brilliance is definitely not just a step, but a huge leap towards positive directions. Where their individual identity shines through is the pop-like vibes that seep through the ballsy heaviness; it creates somewhat of a delicate balance that transcends the musical performance to a higher plateau.

The vocal talent of Kokkonen is something to bow down to and worship – and she’s coming into the music scene at such a pivotal time too, with women within the Heavy Music genre now stepping into the forefront and gaining recognition that would have gone begging years ago. Possessing the abilities that she has, there’s no denying her being able to be amongst the top female performers of this generation. The instrumental performance backing Kokkonen is brilliant, also. The heaviness of the guitar and drums combination, combining with the electronic sounds of the keyboards, come through forceful delivery, and don’t disappoint from start to finish.

They’ve only been on the music scene for around three years, having formed back in 2014, but there’s no denying the musical backgrounds of the members individually shine through in this track; and when combined we witness what can only be described as magical. If these are the waves they’re slowly starting to make now, it’s not going to be long until a tsunami hits and they gain a huge global following.

Get Your Copy Of “Shattered” On Bandcamp Here!