Dark Avenger Vocalist Mario Linhares Passes Away At The Age Of 45

The Brazilian and international metal community have lost one of its finest metal brothers DARK AVENGER vocalist Maria Linhares whom passed away on December 22nd. Rockshots Records has issued the following statement:

“With heavy heart and deep sadness we must confirm that Dark Avenger’s founder and singer Mario Linhares has passed away on December 22nd. The world has lost one of the most talented singers and persons, an incredible voice that will last forever in our hearts. It was an honour and a gift to work together, and we were lucky enough to meet and share some unforgettable moments with him here at Rockshots headquarters.

Upon all, he was an incredible person sincerely in love with life and music, generous and kind as rarely happens in business and everyday life. His legacy won’t be forgotten, and we’ll do everything possible to spread it all around as a proof of how rare and immortal his talent was.

Our sincere condolences to his family, his beloved wife Désirée and all the guys in Dark Avenger.

Rockshots Records – Team”

DARK AVENGER unleashed their latest album “The Beloved Bones: Hell” first in their home country on July 14th, 2017 followed by releases in Europe on September 1st, 2017 and in North America on October 13th, 2017 via ROCKSHOTS RECORDS.

Inspired to take their name from a Manowar track off the 1982 Battle Hymns album, Brazilian prog/power thrash metallers DARK AVENGER‘s new album, “The Beloved Bones: Hell” follows their five previous releases since forming in 1993.

The album was produced, recorded and mixed by guitarist Glauber Oliveira and mastered by the renowned Tony Lindgren at Fascination Studios in Sweden.

“The Beloved Bones: Hell” is a two-chapter play: “HELL” and “DIVINE” and the first part “HELL” talks about eleven mental stages someone probably might be going through when living a constant uncomfortable situation (“Hell is repetition”) as for example, a loveless marriage, a severe disease, an unwanted job, financial difficulties, alcoholism, drug abuse, a sex harassment, among many others which we inadvertently allow to come into our lives. Each song follows the mental phases and feelings described in HELL, the first part of the play, from its initial phase of discovering to be living a hell, until the final experiences of abandoning the suffering: Unconsciousness – Denial – Fugue – Victimization – Despair – Craving – Reflection – Balance – Courage – Decision – Freedom.

Vocalist vocalist Mario Linhares. commented:

“I really hope people understand the concept of The Beloved Bones: HELL, paying attention to the lyrics along with the songs to fully understand the plot throughout the album. We have chosen the ways of the Existentialism and Human Appreciation to talk to our audience… and we are gladly surprised that people all around the world are happy and in resonance with this path. It’s an existential album, which deserves special attention to be fully understood. The album talks about eleven mental steps ANYONE may experience when being through hard times (“Hell is repetition”). We have given the songs the proper weight of interpretation, whether on sound or on lyrics, necessary to express the momentum the songs describes in each chapter. As there’s no character or a story to follow to, we decided to have an “I” that by its psychic binomial (REASON and EMOTION) drives the interlocutor, by hard and harsh dialog, throughout those mental steps, from the primordial moment of discovery that the “I” suffers, until the hard and definitive point of deciding to be free from suffering. The TONUS and atmosphere in each song is an indicator of which step (chapter) into the plot the listener is on the path towards outside Hell.” 

The cover illustration was created by the French artist Bernard Bittler and follows the mental phases and feelings outpouring described in the first part of the play: Unconsciousness – Denial – Fugue – Victimization – Despair – Craving – Reflection – Balance – Courage – Decision – Freedom.