Silverstein are a band that has seemed to hit the winning formula when it comes to being a band! Having almost no band member changes over a musical career that has spawned nine studio albums that have sold over a million records combined, as well as completing multiple tours both in North America and worldwide is no mean feat.

After having released their latest studio album ‘Dead Reflection’ in July last year, Silverstein are making their way to Australia in May this year; not only that, but they are also bringing down fellow Canadians Comeback Kid who are riding high after releasing their newest album ‘Outsider’ last year also! Thankfully fans haven’t had to wait for Silverstein to come back, considering they were last on our shores mid 2016.

Upon being asked how excited Silverstein are to get to come back to Australia so soon, Bradford very enthusiastically expressed “we are very excited; I can definitely easily speak for everybody when I say that!” before giving a small insight into the current weather conditions he is experiencing, mentioning how “I’m just looking out my window now and there’s a good solid layer of snow on the ground. It’s been sitting well below freezing for the last two weeks now and I’m getting a little sick of it so I’m excited to get to come down to where it’s a little nicer!”

When this interviewer made a comment about how he thought Silverstein would look to tour at this time of year so it’s the Australian summer, Bradford replied with “I can see why you would think that, but even your winter is pretty nice; I know it’s not as nice as your summer, but it’s a lot warmer than we get the joy of having so it will be a nice trip regardless. It won’t be too hot and it won’t be too cold, so it will be the perfect time to get away.”

Bradford then kicked the interview into high gear by mentioning how “the real thing to be excited about is the show as we’re coming back to Australia with Comeback Kid! It’s been a long time since we’ve played with them; they’re great friends of ours, they’re such a killer band and the shows are just going to be an insane time.” Bradford let out a good laugh when this interviewer stated that he must have some small psychic ability as that was the next question to be asked before going into further detail about how Silverstein were able to get Comeback Kid to support them:

“We’ve been talking with them about trying to set something up for a long, long time! We’ve definitely met up over the years at festivals, but the last time we actually did a tour together was about ten years ago; we were both supporting Rise Against on one of their North American tours. We spent a couple of months together playing some massive shows, which was a great time but it’s been over a decade in the works that we should get together for a long time; the opportunity just sounded right as they love to travel as we do, so it’s going to be great to get on a big long plane ride, head over to beautiful Australia and play some more shows together!”


You can purchase tickets for Silverstein’s Australian tour here: