Doomcave is the creative brainchild of musician Aiden Vestgaard, an artist already known for his work with various Australian underground metal acts. Doomcave is a unique blend of sounds that can be hard to place in any one genre, but they have been described as a melodic black metal with symphonic and progressive elements. Vestgaards unusual blend of metal genres was showcased on the debut album ‘Woebegone‘, which was very well received and showed a great amount of potential. This new release, ‘White Mourning Light’, displays the exciting realisation of that potential as well as highlighting the sheer talent and musicality of Doomcave. The themes of the album focus heavily on aggression and loss, with a definite flow between the tracks almost creating a storyline.

The album opens with the eponymously named Doomcave. This song has a very blackened sound with grand orchestral overtones. This track has a heavy, symphonic feel that sets the tone for the rest of the album, and shows us what the band is all about. The vocals have a traditonal gutteral sound, but are clear and audible allowing us to take in the lyrics and there importance. The song is well composed and crafted, whith no one element being overpowering. The keyboard sound is refreshingly orchestral and lacks the synth/tinny tones that many metal keyboard parts can take on. The next track is Mirror, Flowing River, and the first words that come to mind are dark and intriguing. This song takes on doom elements that are subtle and blended with a very heavy sound. This track solidifies the sound the band are aiming with the vocals really standing out. There is even some clean singing blended wth a melodic take on the metal growl that realy made a good impression.

Ths leads in to the track Self Spite takes on a shift in sound. There is a more rock sound bended with the hard black metal background, and the intro showcases some talented guitar playing. Blackened riffs and blast beats meld with soaring, epic keyboards creating a large surreal sound. There is also an operatic feel to this track that actually works really well with vocals that begin t edge nto the demonic. Next up is Attar, Oh Bright Morning Star which takes us dwn a more traditional path. An old school grimm sound powers alongside some very husky vocals. This track is a nce change of pace and showcases another side to Vestgaard’s infuences.

The Ruinaton Of All continues in this new direction with the guitars almost riffing into power metal territory. Ths song has several different sounds blended together into a mini-symphony with a blackened epic feel. The highlight of this track is the vocals once again, and the lyric themes really shine through. This songs twits and turns, and epic feel really keep the listeners interest. This is quite dfferent to the next track, Starless Vigil, but the flow through between the songs works. The “spooky” intro with buffeted by bell sounds builds slowly and is remeniscent of a horror movie soundtrack. This song is slow and orchestral whilst still being very heavy and driven. The lyrics take on a more personal feel that highlight the operatic feel that crashes and builds through out the piece.

Whisper shakes us with a more rock sound that shwcases some cleaner vocals. There is an almost gth feel to this,with complex key and tempo changes. This continues to feel moore personal, with a sense of painful longing permeating through the notes.At this stage I felt I was on a storied journey as was keen for more. The next step in this journey is Breathe Life In My Vein which is a refreshing palate cleanser featurng a light flamenco sound to the guitars that overlay the familiar heavy and dark instrumentation. There is a ‘lift’ t the feel of this song that gives a sense of anticipation.

The final track is the title track of White Mourning Light which launches us back to the symphonic black ride at a fast pace. The backng vcals have an operatic sound that highlights the throaty growl of the lead voice. An early 80’s blackened death style guitar sound gives the track a rallying and almost triumphant feel that grabs the listener. The symphonic element is carefully crafted and composed and has a chance to shine in this end piece.