There’s nothing worse as a music fan than trying to browse a Gig Guide on your mobile; majority of the time it hasn’t been coded to work properly on your mobile and is just more of a headache than it is worth…at times you’d be super tempted to head to Google and do a search there!

Now; if you are a band or promoter, there is nothing harder than getting the word out about an upcoming show; after all, the more of an attendance there is, the greater the feed that can be placed on the green room table. I couldn’t think of anything more heartbreaking and soul crushing than busting your butt off to promote your band/a show and walking out to see an almost empty venue…

However, this no longer needs to be the case; let me introduce you to an app that will make your life a LOT easier! Bandaidz hasn’t been around for a very long time; however it has already become a major breakthrough in making the live music scene much less of a maze than it has to be.

Bandaidz is a mobile application that you can download from either Google Play or the Apple App Store which will not only put the world of local live music into the palm of your hand, but also make it a lot easier to make friends. After you choose whether you are an artist, a promotor/manager or fan aka a ‘crowdsurfer’ you create and customize your profile. Then you can search for upcoming local shows, organise a meet up with other Bandaidz users at an upcoming live show or even listen to some of your favourite tracks that you’ve chosen!