Calling all the fans of up and coming bands from your home town! Introducing SVCRED, the exciting band that you’ve not heard of before. Read all about them here and learn where they came from, how they got their start, what they sound like, and where you can find out more!

The five piece from Melbourne, Australia are currently comprised of vocalist James Vein, lead guitarist, Chris ‘Twitchy’ Royna, rhythm guitarist Christopher Di Carlo, bassist Jason Anderson, and drummer Josh Scott.

SVCRED were originally formed back in 2014 under a different moniker as a recording project by long time friends Di Carlo, and Royna. At the beginning the band cited groups such as Alice In Chains and Deftones as their main influences. Over the last 3 years however, they have had many line-up changes with only Royna and Di Carlo being there from the beginning, and with the changes in the line up, the groups sound has changed from post hardcore, to the current alternative metal sound.

The current line-up sights their main influences as Ice Nine Kills, Avenged Sevenfold, AFI, and Dayshell. Other influences that are obvious from their demo ‘The Dark’ also include bands like Asking Alexandria, Of Mice And Men, and Korn.

The Dark Demo –

From the four tracks on the bands BandCamp as a listener, you can tell how different each track is. There aren’t two that sound the same and it’s obvious that there is the intent from the band to push the boundaries. The sound of SVCRED is truly unique and they’re definitely worth a listen, and worth paying attention to.

In late 2017, SVCRED, were included in the line up for Tote’l Metal Fest at The Tote in Collingwood, Victoria. You can check out our review of the entire show, including SVCRED’s performance here. The band also played at Musicman Mosh Fest in Bendigo and you can check out their whole set below.

You can tell just from watching SVCRED that the music they are writing is what makes them happy and by doing so the enjoyment on their faces as they play is obvious. Whilst writing music for the listener is important, it’s also vital to a bands survival that what they’re writing piques their interest.

On Australia Day you can head down to The Brunswick Hotel in Melbourne for Rocky Water Fest 3 where SCVRED will be playing their first show of 2018. Go and support a local act, and acquaint yourself with their sound ahead of the release of their E.P. You can find all the information about the event here.

The debut E.P from SVCRED, The Portrait is set for release in March of this year. To tide you over until then, you can check out their demos over at BandCamp. You can also keep up to date with everything from the band over on Facebook.