England’s Download Festival has been an ongoing venture since 2003, and finally, after long last, Australia is finally experiencing a slice of that in just under a few months time! Taking place on Saturday 24 March at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne’s Download Festival will comprise 28 bands, plucked from both overseas and local talent.

With Korn as the main headliner in their only Australian appearance this year, the American nu metal has had a long, storied history since their formation in 1993, going on to become one of the more famous bands to emerge from the nu metal and alternative metal scenes. 2016 saw Korn release their twelfth studio album, entitled ‘The Serenity of Suffering‘. The album received favourable reviews across the board and ensured Korn maintained their status as one of metal’s best and most recognisable names. Certainly worth the price of admission!

With Prophets of Rage and Limp Bizkit filling out the next two positions, it’s bound to recall some nostalgia for quite a few people out there! Whether you’re still into their music or otherwise, what can’t be denied is these bands are known for their great on-stage performances.

Without feeling the need to run through the others individually, what can be said of Melbourne’s Download Festival lineup is one of diversity. Where the three main acts recall the nu metal and alt. metal scenes, as you moved further through the list, you’re exposed to the likes of such famous Swedish metal acts such as everyone’s favourite Vikings, Amon Amarth, and Arch Enemy, who just released their latest album, ‘Will To Power‘. One name though that is sure to raise several horns high to the air – due to how many have been clamouring for their return – is none other than fellow Swedish power metal heroes, Sabaton. Known for their unique approach to the power metal genre with a lyrical basis in history and the themes of war (all played to the tune of epic vocals, keyboards, and colossal hooks), Sabaton will no doubt draw some substantial crowds. These are three bands you certainly won’t want to miss catching live!

What is special about Download Festival when you look at its UK parent is how much potential there is for growth and for the Australian Download Festival to come to host some truly great bands down the line such as Metallica, as the defunct-Soundwave Festival once had some years back. Download Festival is Australia’s chance for a great fresh start with a brilliant new music festival of its own, so it definitely deserves all of our support! And for its first year, we’re already receiving some excellent bands such as France’s Gojira, Atlanta, Georgia’s Mastodon, and California’s Nails. Furthermore, a band I’m sure many weren’t expecting with the highly influential crossover thrashers in Suicidal Tendencies! You have to give props to the folks at Live Nation, Unified and Secret Sounds for that one.

But let’s forget the great Aussie talent also on display! With Tasmanian tech-death heavyweights Psycroptic performing on the day, they’re joined by other local acts as such as in the inimitable Northlane, Ocean Grove, and the ever-manic grindcore sensation that is King Parrot. It’s guaranteed to be a memorable day however you roll it.

Ultimately, Download Festival Melbourne is a great treat for Australia and an opportunity to build up a great new annual music festival in this country that can continue to flourish and expand as the years go on. And if the support and demand is there, what’s to stop it from only expanding out to other states and bringing along even bigger bands and more of them? This year’s Download Festival is one you won’t want to miss out on, as not only will it be a great day full of fantastic music, but you’ll there amongst it all, joining in on a little piece of history in the making.