It was a balmy 35 degrees outside on the warm Thursday night. It was still early in the new year and it started off with a sold out show for Gyroscope at Richmond’s iconic Corner Hotel. While many people were excited to start Unify Festival 2018 the next day, the people hitting the show tonight where definitely in for a hot performance (pun intended).

The sound of Sweet Gold is a lot of fun. Think romantic 1950’s style songs if the likes of The Ramones had performed it. Very unique and I hope to hear more and see what else their upcoming album has to offer.

Adelaide rock band Horror My Friend hit the stage hard and loud. The trio of Josh Battersby, Tom Gordon and Sam Kolesnik had intense energy on stage as they tore up their set. Very raw, very powerful, they brought the kind of music reminiscent of 90’s rock and made quite a few people bop their heads and get more into their sound. Every now and then they gave very Nirvana-esque styles to their music that worked with their sound.

Having had Gyroscope pick the trio to be the tour support is a massive thing for the young band and will surely bring more fans to them for future tour opportunities. To start off the new year with such a large national tour is one way to make sure you start the year off right. They were definitely exciting to watch as well and also gave a sneak peak into what’s to come with the new works set to come out later. Be sure to watch out in the next week or so as they release the new single Pavement.

It has been a long time since we had any new studio recordings from Gyroscope. With their last release being 2010’s ‘Cohesion’, it’s amazing to hear the newest two tracks Crooked Thought and DABS release to such a big success. Having been around for over 20 years now, this Perth band is starting to build traction yet again and with most if their tour selling fast and, in some places, selling out, it shows that their fan base is as big and as strong as ever.

Even after being together for over 20 years, you would not be able to tell as Gyroscope ripped the stage a new one with the 2005 classic opener Don’t Look Now I Think I’m Sweating Blood before jumping into the new single DABS. The crowd in the mosh were already going hard as the music was harder. As amazing as the studio recording is, DABS by far sounds more epic live especially seeing as it was only the second time it was ever played live.

It was easy to see 1981 really appealed to the fans with arms flailing around maniacally throughout the mosh. Lead vocalist Daniel Sanders was then quick to get rid of his shirt which was an omen that things were just going to get bigger and better as the night went on. Sanders was nothing but a curly mane on a topless body on stage as he belted out I Still Taste Blood.

In a tease for every Aussie Rock loving Melbournian, Zoran Trivic played the opening riff to The Living End’s All Torn Down before jumping into Beware Wolf. It would’ve been a treat to see a band that was around back then and played with The Living End to cover the song but we can all dream.

The air was thick with the mist of the sweat due to how hot it was but that didn’t stop Gyroscope or the crowd from giving it their all while they went through several loved songs like O.K, Some of the Places I Know and Doctor Doctor and even asked if the crowd wanted to see Sanders down to his boxers.

The major surprise was when during Fast Girls Gyroscope somehow fit in Midnight Oil classic Beds are Burning which was absolutely incredible having everyone sing-along. The best sing-along however came with Safe Forever which had the crowd chanting “FOREVER…SAFE FOREVER” near the end and having the crowd completely own it.

As soon as Gyroscopes big commercial hit from 2010 Baby, I’m Feeling Better started, it was the point where even those at the back were bopping around and it wasn’t even the end of the show.

The penultimate finale happened to be 2008 fan favourite Snakeskin which had Trivic dedicate it to all those who have a birthday with on the night or days following. Right on the barrier was an absolutely crazy mosh that was visible on the video screens provided by the Corner Hotel.

It was very different seeing Gyroscope come on to do a cover of Nirvana’s Tourettes instead of their own stuff for the encore finale but the fans still loved it and that’s what matters.

As much as they say they have been around since 1997, you will never be able to tell as they are still as energetic and hectic as younger bands.

With many other shows to come on the tour, it would be best to catch them now as you won’t regret it.

20 years of good Aussie rock from an amazing band rolled into one night.



Photos by Chris Poots.