From Bedford, England, Don Broco returns for their third full-length studio album, “Technology“. Don Broco features Rob Damiani (Lead Vocals/Electronics), Simon Delaney (Guitar), Tom Doyle (Bass) and Matt Donnelly (Drums/Vocals) as they make something unique and without a doubt, experimental.

Technology” is an album that I can most aptly describe as a cacophony of noise. Not to say that negatively, it’s different and interesting, the list of genres and elements that find their way into this album is astounding enough. I’ve heard Rock, Metal, R’n’B, Pop, Electronic, Funk and more. There’s bizarre breakdowns and bridges and things you wouldn’t expect that shake up the structure of the songs. Vocally, there’s high-pitched singing from the Pop and R’n’B category, amped up singing from the Rock when the instrumentals kick in, as well as straight up rapping and screamed vocals as well. It’s equally strange and impressive.

There are songs that illustrate the “all over the place” nature of this album more so than others. Stay Ignorant, Come Out To LA and Pretty in particular showcase the whirlwind of elements and genres most prominently. But there are many songs that are more of a regular song structure, almost as though the album lost it’s weirdness half way through.

Personally, I’m pretty impartial to the album, it’s very hard for me to say whether I like it or not, as it’s all over the place. There are many positive things I can say about it but there are also some negative things I can say. On the positive side of things, the album is new, unique and experimental. There’s a lot going on and many different genres taking part which I imagine has the potential to appeal to fans of each respective genres as well as blending audiences together, for example it might introduce fans of R’n’B to Metal music and vice versa.

On the other, more negative, hand. I think that this album and its songs are better listened to separately rather than as a whole album. The album has so much going on that it’s almost difficult to focus on, the cacophony of sounds make it feel a little like a wall of noise at times.
It’s almost as if there’s one song of four different genres all being played at the same time.

This has felt like a bit of a confusing album review, so to wrap it all up, I’ll say that I think this is an album that’s worth its praise for how bizarre and interesting it is, the band managed to make something different by blending a lot of styles together. Due to the negatives I listed earlier, it’s not my favourite album in the world, but certain songs were quite enjoyable.