Escape The Fate are about to head out on a U.K tour for the first time since 2016. They’ve also have an album, ‘I Am Human’, which is set for release on February 16th. Ahead of both the upcoming tour, and the soon-to-be-released album, we got the chance to chat with frontman and vocalist, Craig Mabbitt. We also chatted with him about his start in Blessthefall, and his successful run so far in Escape The Fate.

It’s 2003 and Blessthefall are about to head out on their first international tour to the U.K with Silverstein.  Frontman and vocalist Craig Mabbitt when asked about what he learnt from being in a touring band says with a laugh, “I’m still learning things every day, I don’t think you ever really stop learning, you know?” He tells me that one of the most important things you learn when in a touring band is survival skills, such as “how to co-exist” with different individuals in close quarters, such as in a car, van, or tour bus if you’re lucky. Mabbitt also touches on how things have gotten easier since that first international tour when “you had to go into a store to buy a phone card to make a call home, it wasn’t as easy as connecting your iPhone to the WIFI.”

Whilst on that U.K tour with Silverstein, unfortunately, due to problems at home Craig was forced to make the difficult decision to leave Blessthefall and he says how it wasn’t an easy one to make. The band wasn’t really making much money and he wasn’t really bringing much money home and the band decided it was best they move on without him. “Family always comes first,” Mabbitt says, the passion towards his family clear in his words.

It wasn’t a bad decision as leaving Blessthefall ultimately lead to Craig being asked to join Escape The Fate, and as Craig himself says, “the rest is history”. Mabbitt goes on to say that him joining Escape The Fate was almost an accident, it was still in the day of old phones and he accidently called their then manager Joey, who said that they were looking for a singer. Escape The Fate had just lost their vocalist (Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke) and were unsure what was going on. Mabbitt was only intended to be filling in for two shows and after the second show, Bamboozle in California, Mabbitt was asked to join the band full time, “We love you and it’s going really well!” Before Craig was officially asked to join Escape The Fate, he found himself in Arizona where he was involved in forming The Word Alive. When he was offered the permanent spot in Escape The Fate, the other guys in The Word Alive didn’t want to be a side project so they moved on and found Telle Smith. Everything came full circle there and last year the two bands toured together. “A band is like a relationship, and we all have such great relationships with each other.”

Next, we chatted about how the bands sound has evolved since their 2008 release ‘This War Is Ours’ and the upcoming release ‘I Am Human’. Mabbitt says “our sound has definitely changed, we went through some trial and error” but in his own words “the diversity is great and we love it. It means we can play heavier songs when we tour with heavier bands, and then we have lighter songs which we can play with lighter bands.” He also goes on to say that they experiment with sound and live can play a super heavy song, then launch in Ashley and everyone sings along.

The U.K tour starts in Dublin on January 18 and the excitement was clear in Mabbitt’s voice when asked if they were looking forward to coming back here. “We can’t wait to be back in the U.K! We’ve not been there since 2016 and although it’s going to be cold as shit, it’ll be fun. The crowds over there are always really great and supportive and we’re looking forward to playing a lot of new songs off the album.” Anyone in attendance is definitely in for a treat!

The album is already boasting a lot of diversity with the tracks that have so far been released, and when asked, Mabbitt says “the response to an album is always really surprising, you overthink sometimes and it effects the creative side of things, so we write songs for ourselves, we don’t like forcing parts in songs so we write what we want to write. If it doesn’t need a solo, it doesn’t need a solo.”

When writing songs for the band, Mabbitt sometimes finds himself writing songs that could be for someone else, and is also in talks with his manager about writing his own album. On the topic of songs and performing this interviewer asked Mabbitt about who his dream collaboration would be with. He laughs and throws out the name Bruno Mars, “I’d love to work with Bruno Mars on my solo record!” He continued on to say that the band went and saw Post Malone on his recent tour, “he’s a big fan of us, and we’re a big fan of him. It’d be cool to get him on one of our songs, or if he did a remix of our new track Empire.”

We chatted about playing live shows and Mabbitt was quick to joke about them. “We joke sometimes about what would happen if we came on, played 30 seconds of a song, said ‘thank you’ and then walked off again.” Laughing he continues on “would the fans hate us? Would they throw things at us? Would we even be able to go back on stage after that?” On the same topic Mabbitt also says “I love playing shows where the crowd is going so nuts that the walls are sweating, and sometimes we can play the same song twice in a row and the fans will still be loving it.” He went on to mention the movie ‘Popstar’ with Andy Samberg. “That’s how we feel sometimes and we just look at each other and say we’re never leaving this stage.”

Fans will also know that Craig has a side band The Dead Rabbits, this interviewer asked him if he could clone himself, which in the current world we live in is fairly possible, would he take them on tour with Escape The Fate. “I’ve actually already talked about it with my manager, I’ll play two shows, I don’t care!” We both had a chuckle over that one and Mabbitt continued on with “I have to get approval first” bandmate Robert Ortiz “is old-fashioned. You have to keep the mystery of the band, you know? You can’t go out with The Dead Rabbits, and then come back out with Escape The Fate”, but Mabbitt also added “I try to put myself in the fans’ shoes, if one of my favourite bands did tours including all their own side projects, I’d totally be there!” so fans will have to put that dream on hold for a little while, but there is plans and hopes for it to happen

Finally, Mabbitt wanted to thank us for taking the time to chat with him about the band, “It’s always great when people want to talk about the band, to have people care about it eleven- twelve years later is really cool.”

You can purchase tickets to the upcoming Escape The Fate U.K Tour here!