Tralineate (meaning to stray, wander, or deviate) is a one man death metal project out of Kansas, . The mastermind behind the project is Chris Sanders (ex-Doomsaer, ex-No Flesh Spared, and ex-Heteromorphic) who put the entire debut album ‘Ike Antz Leap’, released September 2017, together himself after coming up with the idea to create Tralineate back in 2016. With evident influences from acts such as The Devin Townsend Project, SepticFlesh, early Opeth, Nile, and Suffocation, the album has an insanely heavy death metal sound with orchestral augmentation to bring forward an undeniably brutal sonic experience to the listener.

The first few tracks from the album include Cast from the Light, Flight 232 Heavy, Fallen and Corroded bring you a classic hardened death metal sound with hints of prog but more so orchestral accents throughout without sacrificing the infernal feel of death metal we all know and love. The drums in the album are incredibly impressive, certainly living up to the name of some of the heavier influencers of the band.

Monday, May 12th begins with a different feel from the other hard-hitting song intros, opting for a softer lead in to the track by way of an acoustic guitar playing a quiet melody which slows down then is abruptly followed by a slamming wall of intense drum and electric guitar, bringing the song to its body. About halfway through the song there is a slight change in feel, transitioning from death metal growls to periods of clean vocals in spoken word format with the accompaniment of background instrumentals complimenting the vocals in what I’ll call complicated simplicity, as they’re not particularly simple but evidently crafted to make the vocals stand out in comparison.

The sixth track on ‘Ike Antz Leap’, The Three Points Of Execution, brings the album back to intense beats, insane shreds, and death growls demonstrated in the initial 4 tracks of the album, with a few sections being almost thrash in nature.

Deviating again from the all-out death feel, beginning with a slow marching intro accompanied by a dark unsettling piano addition then leading into accenting with synth-esque symphonic or orchestral tendencies, Among The Thorns shows a very Fleshgod Apocalypse or even Carach Angren feel. This track is instrumental for the majority, the death element coming in mainly via vocals & drums.

Next up on the track list is Regulators Of The Barcoded Flesh which straight off the bat hits you with some sick riffs, leading into tunes that had me banging my head less than 30 seconds into the song. This is possibly my favourite track off of the album, incorporating elements of devastating death metal vocals, symphonic synth overtones and an almost blackened death sound until a particularly progressive period when the song nears its end. The song seems to showcase six different genres within the same track. It really is quite something.

The second-to-last song on the album is the title track Ike Antz Leap – it’s a really brutal track from the get-go. It begins hard and fast with double kicks throughout and an almost eastern touch to the riffs, leading then into a guitar and drum solo period that goes on for a minute or so then returns to the initial premise of the track – hard, fast and heavy with blast beats for days until an abrupt end.

The last track Saturn’s Last Breath leads in with an intro not quite like anything else on the album which soon builds with a marching beat then is soon augmented with a solid guitar riff. The whole song is an oddly layered mix of death, doom and even a hint of blackened progressive elements.

As much as I did enjoy listening to ‘Ike Antz Leap’ (and believe me I’d love to this give this album a higher rating due to it incorporating so many of the traits I love in many of the bands I love) I’m afraid I cannot, as unfortunately I didn’t find much in the album that stood out as particularly original to me; rather a mash up of sounds other bands have already patented. There is a very fine line between being influenced by other artists & replicating their creations, alas, I feel Tralineate was just on the wrong side of that line with ‘Ike Antz Leap’ in regards to the music. On the other hand, I will say that I found the lyrical content undeniably genius.

There is absolutely no doubt Sanders is an extremely talented musician in more than one area and the quality of this album certainly conveys that. I legitimately do hope to hear some more of his stuff in the future because there is obvious talent displayed I’d like to see it in all of its glory!


Ike Antz Leap is available on iTunesAmazonGoogle Play, and Spotify.

Track Listing

1. Cast From the Light
2. Flight 232 Heavy
3. Fallen
4. Corroded
5. Monday, May 12th
6. The Three Points of Execution
7. Among the Thorns
8. Regulators of the Barcoded Flesh
9. Ike Antz Leap
10. Saturn’s Last Breath