Cairns-bred Melbourne garage punk rockers, Drunk Mums, are fresh off of a European tour and have just dropped a gritty new EP labelled ‘Denim’ on bassist/vocalist Adam Ritchie’s label, Pissfart Records. The lads are hitting the road this Friday to cruise down the east coast in support of the 4-track record and I managed to catch Adam in a spare moment to find out all I could about it.

Talking about the record itself, he said, “’Denim’ is a hard rockin’ follow up to our last release, ‘Leather’, and is the final chapter for the series. We wanted to release two EPs holding a certain ode to 70’s Hard Rock & Punk while still holding our sound, but at the same time transform it a little. There is only 300 7″s released on my label, Pissfart Records, and they’re selling pretty fast which I’m really happy about.”

When asked about where the tracks were produced, he mentioned, “’Ode to Death’ and ‘Kidnapped’ were recorded at the Pissfart Studio before my lease was up in June. ‘Hot Flush’ and ‘Powerslide’ were recorded at Laneway Studios. I record bands for a living, so I just take my gear anywhere I go and set up.”

The film clip for lead single ‘Hot Flash’ has a very early ‘90s, rough VHS feel to it, but there didn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason connecting the clip to the song itself. “There ain’t much of a story to most of what we do. We just came in wanting a loose plot of a cult performing rituals and playing with fire,” he explained, “Jake Doyle, who plays in the band , put it all together. He’s done a few clips for bands now. The VHS camera actually chewed up a lot of the footage, so that’s why a lot of it is distorted and warped. He added some footage from other films to fit it out and I think losing that footage was a blessing in disguise.”

In my research for the interview, I learned that the clip was a feature clip on RAGE in early December, so I was curious to know how it felt for the band to find that out. It turns out that I was the one to break the news. “I actually didn’t even know that! F**k, that’s cool!”

The band is kicking off a tour on Friday and I wanted to know who was on the bill. “Yeah, we’ve got a good one coming up. On the Gold Coast, we have Wash, who are a really great band and somehow have already literally shared the stage with Iggy Pop, and Liquid Face, who features members from the now-defunct Draggs. In Brisbane, we have Wash again & fairly new band, Lexicon, who have members from Woodboot & Pleasure Symbols. In Sydney, we have Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents who are a great garage band & Satanic Togas, who sound like an even better version of The Gories. Then, in Wollongong, we have locals White Blanks, who have been tearing it up lately, and Nick Nuisance again. Down in Melbourne, we have Drug Sweat, who are a f**ked combo of disco & hard rock, Ubik, who play some really good punk 80’s post-punk style & Brad Pot, who are back on after a hiatus and a record being released. In Ballarat, we have our best mates Dumb Punts playing a good mix of power pop & Aus rock, and another great garage band to come out of Geelong, Vintage Crop. Adelaide, we have local frothers, Stork, and Unknown Locals – all I know about them is they like to party.”

When I asked about what he’s looking forward to in particular about the tour, all he had to say was, “Probably do some nangs!”

Starting the year off with a 7” record tour is a solid kickoff, but there’s more on the calendar for these rowdy lads. “We have a split release with Spanish band, Nave Nodriza coming out, and hopefully we’ll tour Europe again and hit other cities. I wanna head to New Zealand too. We’re also gonna work on a full length album.”