Burial Chamber are an Australian death metal band born from the central coasts underground scene. Formed in 2007, the band consists of Mark Robertson, Adam Lang, Jeremy Beal and Clint Callaghan . Stating that they prefer to keep their sound rooted in the darker aspects of the forefathers of death metal, the members list such giants as Suffocation, Disentomb, Cannibal Corpse and Devourment among their musical inspirations. Gaining a reputation for engaging yet brutal live shows, the bands first release “Left To Decay” was well received by fans. Their newest release “Ripping The Dead” solidifies the bands signature sound.   The first song Corpse Mutilation launches straight in to a heavy aural assault with no preamble. Callaghan’s vocals are the traditional deep growl expected in death metal, and are quite powerful. The music is grinding and fast, and very heavy. Tearing Bodies continues in this vein though adds some stand out bass lines and a catchy guitar solo. Like the first, the pace is fast and brutal, beginning and ending suddenly, framing lyrics about horror and gore.

The next song, Smearing Limbs With Blood, changes things up a little. The composition of the song has a few more elements and pace changes, with some excellent thrashing guitar parts and some stand out blast beats on the drums.  Lobotomise infected beings gets very deep and heavy, almost into doom territory but with no slow down in the grinding fast pace the has become standard on the album. Even the guitars on this track have a heavier almost bass like sound to them. While each song has had its individual elements so far, overall there is a definite similarity in sound to each one. Flesh To Deform is no exception to this rule.This song contains the same fast paced heavy driving sound and pace with growling vocals and horror themed lyrics. But there are some subtle elements that give this track its individual sound, the main one being the guitar. The guitar is more intricate with a more complicated composition, with a few solo parts that show real skill. This really impressed and has made this the stand out track on the album for me.

Next up is Decaying Body Surgery. On this track the vocals really stand out. The vocals change pace and key with the music and provide a refreshing change. The music is much the same as before but with some faster parts that grab your attention. This would be a very interesting song to see performed live and shows a bit more of what the band is capable of. This leads into Decomposing Cadaver, with a speed up in pace. This song goes at break neck speed and is definitely the ‘headbanger’ track. This song almost goes into thrash territory but maintains the brutal death overtones the band are clearly going for. The next track on the album is Feed On The Dead. This is where the bands old school death metal influences come true. From the blast beats to the guitar solos, and the loud growling vocals, the band get back to their pure death metal roots. This sound continues with Infested Remains, an instrumental that closes out the album. The pace on this is a bit slower but the sound is bigger, almost epic, with the guitar lines really standing out.

Overall this album is a solid death metal experience. The songs do sound a bit similar but each has its own element, and some solid musicianship does show through. As the band themselves state, this is very much a band for fans of old school death metal. There is little to no influence from other genres. While no track could really be described as ambitious, this album improves on their first effort, and really defines the bands sound. ’Ripping The Dead’ is a solid effort that shows potential, and would be interesting to experience in a live setting.

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