Riding back onto the scene for their new LP, “Amoretum Vol. 1” are Black Space Riders. The German group consists of an impressive set of musicians with interesting aliases, JE (Lead Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Piano, Electronics), SEB (Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Electronics), C.RIP (Drums, Percussion, Didgeridoo), SLI (Guitars), SAQ (Bass) and MEI (Bass).

They’ve come together and made something that is equally as cool as it is a fever dream of atmospheric music.

We’ve immediately got a prominent classic metal feel with Lovely Lovelie. Chugging and shredding guitar riffs over a heavy drum beat, vocals are yelled aggressive vocals accompanied by deep demonic sounding growls. There’s a strange repeating word at the end alongside some digeridoo which was a bit unusual, but interesting.

Another Sort of Homecoming starts with a kind of spacey sounding riff accompanied by some more toned down clean vocals. A catchy drum beat kicks in, as does a nice bassline. The song is catchy and seems to be aiming for an atmospheric and emotional sound.

Soul Shelter (Inside of Me) opens really nicely with an awesome bass riff, an infectious drum beat and a lovely guitar riff plays into the vocals and the main chunk of the song. The drum beat picks up the pace and builds up to a crash slowly, followed by the guitar soon after. There was a fake-out that makes it seem like the impact of the crash would’ve been underwhelming but it delivers and the chorus finally really kicks in three quarters of the way into the song. It’s loud and hard-hitting but is more or less just what was playing throughout the whole song but with more emphasis.

The eight-minute song, Movements, starts with an almost western vibe, deep strumming of the guitar and a whammy sound before the vocals chime in, they’re softly spoken over the drum beat to set the mood. It’s kind of like a bluesy metal ballad. It builds up, and kicks into a guitar solo before the drums continue building in intensity. A big shift happens and the guitar speeds up and changes the vibe of the song entirely, the vocals are like an orderly chant. The vocals become more aggressive as the instrumentals build up and up and boy, is it satisfying. The song was a slow-burn but is affectively atmospheric and has a good payoff.

Come and Follow has kind of a grunge vibe, it begins with a lot of distorted chords and hits hard. Vocals are kind of wailing, like they’re fearful or corrupted and crackling. The song is chaotic and heavy and full of a kind of hypnotic fever-dream aggression.

Friends Are Falling opens with prominent bass guitar and an echoing guitar riff played on the high strings while the vocals are singing along. They’re singing in a subtle yet alert tone as though they’re warning you of something, possibly that your friends are falling, who knows. The song is relatively simple compared to some of the other weirder ones on this LP, but it’s an enjoyable song.

In Fire, Fire! (Death of a Giant), we’re welcomed by a softly played suspenseful guitar riff, this along with the rest of the instrumentals, they’re foreboding sounding. This song features, I think, my favourite vocals in any of these songs, they’re harrowing and deep, like they’re grizzled and are sung via a lot of vocal frying and we also get some awesome sounding deep growls in the chorus. The song goes up and down in intensity as it plays out, which makes for nice song structure. The song grows in intensity and also features an awesome guitar solo that’s uncommonly unique in the fact that it’s not JUST played on the high strings, there’s a meaty guitar riff in the middle of it which sounds great. Personally, I think this song takes the crown on this LP.

Last but not least, Fellow Peacemakers. Piano opens the song, showing some variety, soft cymbals follow alongside some repeated vocals. The verse really kicks in with the drums and vocals, which carry a kind of sorrowful tone. The song stays the same until it builds up towards the end and plays out the same chorus just more amped up.

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