After recently launching their newest album ‘The Blood Of Gods’, GWAR are making their way to Australia in April to cause absolute destruction and chaos! After speaking to Pustulus Maximus a couple of days before the American/Canadian tour kicked off (read the interview here), the first question for his brother Blothar The Berserker was about how much destruction was caused during those few months:

“Let’s just put it like this; they’re keeping it out of the mainstream media but Canada is just a smoking crater, there’s nobody left there. We carved through the US on the Warped Tour destroying the minds of young people, before embarking on a national tour where we just laid waste to the entire nation! The authorities are on the tail now and we’re dealing with the legal fallout from that trip, but we’re ready to get to Australia and continue the destruction.”

This interviewer was curious as to whether Blothar and the rest of the band would reach the same blackout stupor in Australia that Pustulus said he would reach on the recent North American tour; Blothar went on to explain how that’s just an everyday occurance for the band:

“He, like the rest of us are constantly obliterated and everything is a blackout state; most of us learn about what we’ve done by reading the newspaper the next day. After all, that’s how I know what my life is like. When it comes to Pustulus, he has a lot of reasons to drink; I’m sure he is running from something. Judging by the way that Australians drink, I’m sure he is going to have a few drinking buddies.”

After making mention to Pustulus stating how there’s a good chance of getting pregnant if you drink with him, this interviewer quipped that there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of alien/human love and bonding. Blothar the Berserker pointed out “of course not; we invented the human race and they’re a part of us”, before going into further detail about their creation:

“Unfortunately they’re out of control now and that’s the theme of the new record; the blood of gods! Humans have gotten so twisted and bizarre that they’ve actually surpassed our expectations, as well as done our job a little too well; so now we have to try and keep up with a humanity that has hardened itself to the hardest acts of violence and immersed itself in the most perverted pursuits imaginable. It has always been that way, but with the easy access to media and the world becoming a much smaller place, humanity has really stepped their game up. All of a sudden you can watch people cutting heads off on the nightly news; that’s a big step forward!”

This interviewer wanted to pick Blothar’s brain a little bit and delve into further detail as to why he felt the time was right to join his brothers on stage again. After quipping that “if it were up to me, I’d still be sleeping in Antarctica frozen in the tomb”, Blothar went into further detail about the status of GWAR at the time and his return to the brotherhood:

“There’s a lot of GWAR members who are still frozen in the tomb, as they were all slumdogs who were banished here by the master; I am but one of those. But when Oderus left this realm, I was pressed into action; basically I was sitting there in a dream state and next thing I know, I wake up on stage in front of 17,000 people at Riot Fest in Chicago. Blothar is back and I’m back for one reason; that is to help GWAR move forward and to honor our fallen brother Oderus Urungus.”

Touching on what he likes most about getting up to sing Fuck This Place, Blothar followed the KISS principle as he kept it short and sweet, pointing out that “one of the greatest things about it is that no matter where we are in the world, it is true and people can relate to it. I’m sure when we go to Australia they’ll be able to sing that song with us in full throat; it’s a fun song to sing and a fun song to play as it’s a punky sorta singalong that really suits GWAR.”

Excluding the first two singles Fuck This Place and El Presidente, this interviewer was curious as to what song(s) were getting the best crowd response on the recent tour. Blother couldn’t give a short answer this time around, stating “I think you have a few different responses, as often from a live perspective people will say that they like Viking Death Machine, Swarm or Phantom Limb. I think the song people react the strongest to is Swarm; I don’t know if that’s because we’re ripping arms off of protesters and cutting the head off another protester or if it’s because I’m on a platform behind a podium giving the urge to swarm with the state of the union address. Mind you, towards the end of the set people also reacted very tearfully to Phantom Limb; a lot of people seem to get emotional when we play that song.”

After pointing out how Pustulus quoted “if you pay your hard earned money to see GWAR, you’re going to see poles in holes!” in our interview, this interviewer wanted to find out from Blothar just what level of penetration Australian fans will get to see. After stating that “I think he gave a very fair assessment; there are always poles in holes whilst we are playing”, Blothar gave some great advice for those who aren’t sold on seeing GWAR just yet, as well as what to expect if they change their minds:

“When GWAR takes the stage, it suddenly seems to turn into an alien ritual where people start fucking each other, screaming and running around like they are possessed by demons whilst the crowd erupts. Meanwhile if anyone gets too excited and too close to the stage, they become food for the band; we have a conveyor belt on the stage that sucks the audience into a giant machine underneath that just rips them to shreds! The flesh ends up on one side of the room where it’s going to become dog food, whilst mechanical arms pick out the fillings of the dead and we melt them down for money. When GWAR plays anywhere, it’s a fuckfest and you’re guaranteed that; if you want to get laid, come see GWAR, as the people that are there are ready to fuck and they’re not that smart…or maybe they are!”

Did Blothar have any last warnings about the upcoming destruction or chaos that are making their way down to Australian shores in April? Whilst holding any warnings close to his alien body, Blothat did point out “what I want to see is everybody from Australia at these gigs; I expect to see every last person, kangaroo and wallaby, koala, crocodiles…we want the whole nine yards as we’re going to throw another child on the barbie! I’ve never been to Australia before but I know a lot about it; I know that it’s a dream culture and GWAR represents a nightmare. Well I know the Aboriginal people have a dream culture, so we’re going to the land of dreams and we’re your worst nightmare!”